Friday, August 19, 2016

All US Golds @ Rio negated by the crass, fabrication of Lochte et al!

Let this be a reminder to the old, and lesson to the young, that no matter how good you are and the reputation of your Country in one area, those same Countrymen can cancel all the kudos in a moment of complacency. The Ryan Lochte saga is now making waves around the world, as up until now he was a respected swimmer well known in that field from the US Gold Medal contingent.

Now this sorry excuse for an American cannot be defended by even the worst underworld figure in the US, as his actions are NOT defensible, and Brazil which has its own share of problems being able to put it all behind them and give us a wonderful games, does NOT deserve false allegations of robbery concocted by some dastardly Americans.

I trust the US authorities will punish these swimmers in some form, as their action has resulted in the reputation of the US, which at best in South America is of unpalatable Gringos, has been confirmed as completely crooked third class specimens consorting as Sportsman, and never to be trusted to tell the truth.

This makes the whole Russian Doping scandal look like a walk in the park, as all the Russian athletes have suffered terribly due to their ban in these games, and any right minded person would say, that the US Golds don’t amount to a hill of beans in comparison to the actions of these men. Worse, Lochte escaped the net back to the US and continued his tirade of lies when his own compatriots were hauled for questioning in Brazil, and the truth finally emerged.

The fact that they were released to leave the US immediately tells more about the abuse of the use of power by the US to request the Brazilians to hush this up without them doing jail time, as per Brazilian law. This makes it even more disconcerting to the Brazilian public, further re-enforcing the American stereotype amongst the average South American.

The US criminals, do not believe they have committed a crime, would rather falsify a crime of theirs, to a crime committed upon themselves. How can an American ever be trusted to tell the truth? The repercussions of this hugely BAD publicity will reverberate across the world in the next few days, before the news becomes yesterday’s news, but US reputation has suffered a permanent blot!!!!

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  1. Yet another example of the famous US dictum "Do as we say, not as we do". Why do you think the indigenous people of North America, the Red Indians, were constrained to declare "White Man speaks with forked tongue" ?