Friday, August 19, 2016

Was there a deal we don’t know about the SLT/MAXIS?

Malaysia was asked to extradite the Boss of Maxis, which along with the Sri Lankan Government now own SLT. Maxis bought the NTT stake in SLT, and all appeared to have gone without a hitch!

Was that because at the time of the purchase, the authorities fast tracked the deal? These are questions for which I don’t have any answers, but if a pattern is to emerge, the Indian authorities have found fault with their deals with Maxis!

See link above to a recent story, where the Malaysians refuse to arrest their citizens and hand them over to the Indians for an investigation into a past Indian Telecom  Minister’s alleged wrongdoing.

ALL OUR TELECOMS even SLT is foreign owned and whilst they have been able to expand their coverage service, user-base and profits by leaps and bounds, all profits accrue to the foreign investors in our telecom investments and industry.

While I personally don’t begrudge that, because had we NOT had this investment, we will not have competing Telecom operators in the Island and have a reasonable tariff which the Government is also taxing very heavily to fill their own revenue shortfall, and in that effectively use it as a regressive tax on the people of Sri Lanka.

Airtel is in play and will shortly be purchased by SLT’s Mobitel, which effectively means Maxis will be the new owners. I believe Etisalat is also in play and it is Dialog who is apparently interested in them, and Hutch will either close down or its operations folded into one of the remaining operators.

So what do we have in store? ONLY DIALOG AND SLT/MOBITEL

Ananda Krishnen whose dad left Jaffna on a train to Colombo, and then out to Malaysia will own all our Telecommunications! How about that?

Obviously the Sri Lankan Government will wake up ONLY when the deed is done, and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Just think about it!

Think about it, there is NO SHERMAN ANTI TRUST ACT IN SRI LANKA. 

It is high time Sri Lanka enacts legislation to stop Monopolies from being created in the future! 

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