Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Should I give this statement the benefit of the doubt or call our President unfit?

I just saw this note and was horrified. The President in a statement made on August 10th said that he was NOT willing to sell a profit making enterprise! What does he mean. If a Company has a turnover of Rs1 Billion and makes Rs10M profit, and employs 500 people, but if privatized can grow quickly to a Rs10B turnover and employ 1,000 people, (not necessary that the 500 now would remain in employment if they just sign up and don’t come to work) and show a profit of Rs1B, he would NOT ALLOW IT.

THEN HE IS CLEARLY A TRAITOR. unless of course this Sri Lanka Mirror post is false

However as a Grama Niladari mindset, one would NOT expect him to know what makes an economy grow, and instead prioritize the ridding of nepotism and corruption to make this economy grow, and NOT get involved with what Govt. owned enterprise should or should not be sold.

If clear arguments can be made by NON-Govt. advisers on sale or not, committees better as individual influence can be bought!

Just like the President has it in for Ceylon Tobacco, while he is NOT doing anything about the beedi industry, and its harmful effects on the people, and its favorable taxation status as compared with cigarettes, we have a totally biased President who does NOT really have the interests of the Country at heart. He is obviously making a claim to do so, but I have conclusively proved that canard wrong.

We so want to trust our leaders, and when they act like simpletons, even the begger on the street sounds more convincing.

Contrast this statement with that of Malik Samarawickrema and you get confused as to the level of schizophrenia in the Government.

Here Malik is clear that the Govt. will privatize, may not sell all shares but some!

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