Monday, August 22, 2016

Kandy may as well be confined to be the Living Dead! Environment!

It is clear that there are people in high places for reasons other than altruism, or rationale. Its called personal glorification of the Scoundral!! One such joker is the Diyawardena Nilame of Kandy. A disgrace to Sri Lanka and the Human Race, and who continues to be held by people, in high esteem. In my opinion, those who think that must have their heads examined as he is administering over mass slaughter of his own Country men in the name of his belief, when the reality is otherwise, as pointed out. See link for some succinct prose as to what this animal is up to!

No one dares to have an air quality indicator in and around Kandy, as the results if made known, will result in an a mass exodus of people out of Kandy. Thankfully we are giving the prisoners of Kandy a better life by moving them out of Kandy, and so they will actually be able to live a longer life. However the patients at the Kandy Hospital will suffer a different fate, destined along with the doctors and nurses working there to die young from carcinogenic poisoning Courtesy of the same Diayawadana Nilame.

What options have we got? Personally the best thing we can do is to move the Temple of the Tooth out of the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, and build a new Dalada Maligawa in a place of worship and pilgrimage out of the clutches of this kind of Diyawadana, and into the hands of the Clergy.

Frankly we have only the above option, as the other being moving Kandy out of Kandy, by preventing any vehicular traffic in Kandy, unless all electric, does not seem to be acceptable, and will not result in a practical place of worship for true followers of Buddhism, not the false prophets of the present. We only have cultural Buddhism following traditions and practices, and Buddhist believers are frowned upon. A true believer DOES want people coming to the temple to photograph. They want to pray, meditate in the presence of the sacred Tooth Relic out of sight of tourists and pretenders to guard the religion.

The author simply talks about opening up a road, that will satisfy all the people of Kandy, but when you just have one person, who for his personal comfort puts millions to death, and NO ONE does anything about it, and so allows him to get away with murder in a literal sense, where do you go for redress?

I rest my case, and hope one or other of the options are undertaken without delay!

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