Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Parliamentary procedure is ruled upon by the Supreme Court – While ROME BURNS!

The farce that is our Parliament where the Prime Minister gave the reason for the Supreme Court saying that the VAT bill as presented was not VALID and I quote from the attached article.

“According to provision 152 of the Constitution and the 133 of the standing orders, a minister has to get Cabinet approval before the Bill is moved and has to express that he has obtained approval, the Prime Minister said.

This clearly means that the PM has used common procedures to present BILLS in parliament, but all previous bills where Cabinet Approval has NOT been obtained, become INVALID/ UNLAWFUL/REVERSED – what is going on?

We have 225 jokers who call themselves Parliamentarians, and CLEARLY they don’t know what they are doing. Should we just ask them all to resign “en masse” and put some people with common sense, like poor housewives who have to manage their family finances? I am at a loss to find the answers to these intriguing questions.

What I do know is that while all these shenanigans are going on, Sri Lanka is currently going through a phase where the Government is simply NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING and no one is able to take ANY DECISIONS, and so everything is at a standstill.

We the people need to know what the Govt. is to do about it. I know the Govt. said it will represent the Vat Bill, ensuring the procedures that should be adopted of getting unanimous Cabinet Assent will be take place. That is NOT good enough.

NO HEADS HAVE ROLLED. NO ONE HAS BEEN CHASTISED IN PUBLIC FOR EMBARRASING THE GOVT. Is that because it is the fault of the PM for not following procedures, which he clearly as a stickler for parliamentary procedure should know? Or is he ACTUALLY BECOMING SENILE, and should we question his judgment to govern? These are serious issues that NO ONE IN PARLIAMENT has the balls to question! Why? They don’t want to lose their gravy train. 

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