Thursday, August 18, 2016


“This is I believe one of the MOST IMPORTANT pieces of legislation that has been passed in a VERY LONG TIME to PROTECT US CIVILIANS from FUTURE INCIDENCES OF GOVERNMENT EXCESSES LIKE WHITE VANS”

The importance I have attached to this piece of legislation cannot be emphasized more, and so I have not only italicized my comment above, in bold letters and enlarged as well!

I will not go into the history of the need for this Bill turned into an Act, except to keep the scholar and reader aware of the background by reading the link here:

Of course the author Dharisha Bastians emphasizes the past, which resulted in the need for this Act, however I emphasize the need of this Act as a deterrent for the future, so that 


Sri Lanka had disappearances of over 1000,000 loved ones since 1971, FORTY FIVE YEARS DAMMIT! We do NOT want any more. Our psyche, conscience and our very being cannot handle ONE MORE DISAPPEARANCE. 

Don’t forget that the majority of disappearances are of young Sinhala Youth, a whole generation that was lost, and another generation that is still suffering due to their loss.

Security forces under Sirimavo Bandaranayake and Ranasinghe Premadasa accounted for the bulk of these killings with the killers still in the land of the living. The killers got their instructions to kill from the top, and they obeyed orders by rounding up LIKELY suspects and killing them and possibly burning, burying and destroying evidence without trace. LATER Mahinda Rajapakse's Forces ALSO engaged in the same, under orders from above. ALL IN THE NAME OF PROTECTING THE PUBLIC.

The Tamil disappearances whilst still just as personally traumatic are relatively few in comparison, about 11,000, though most of the kerfuffle at the UNHRC is about ONLY them as the pressure is from the Global Tamil Lobby, where there is very little pressure exerted from the parents and family of the others who are suffering to this day with no one representing their interests.

There is very little point ( I know a parent or relative of a missing person in 1971 will dispute this point) in investigating their disappearance, as there is very little information now available of what happened to them, by name, rank and serial number, and may cause MORE confusion than solving.

I only hope that the MOST important point to come out of this is that anyone who disappears from now on WILL BE INVESTIGATED TO THE FULLEST by the OMP, and the culprit found, and the information passed to the AGs department for prosecution of the culprits, WITHOUT DELAY. Only then can we rest easy! 


  1. The speaker is expected to sign this Act into law on Thursday August 2016

    amidst protests from the JOINT OPPOSITION.

    It is time we put all those in the Joint Opposition into prison, so that they can use the legislation of the OMP to save their bacon. Only then will they realize that this is a must have Act for Sri Lanka. It can even save the very rogues who are guilty of the worst crimes!

    OR ARE they so guilty of the disappearances that they don't want their misdeeds outed?

    You the reader ask the question, answer it and then determine who is in the right. Have you had anyone close to you disappear without trace in Sri Lanka? Then you will understand why we have this legislation, and why the JO should be locked up permanently as traitors.




  5. The Prime Ministers take on this, first start with the OMP and then go for a truth and reconciliation system, without retribution. Too far gone for that now!

  6. Subsequent to this blog entry, there have been so many articles on this HOT TOPIC. Here's just another!

  7. Further confirmation if it was needed that the opposition is completely mis-informing the public about the OMP and its purpose. With a gullible electorate still requiring basis education skills, what do you expect. People just believe what they see. Hence the power of the Media! to lie