Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Special Narcotics Raids Unit of the Finance Ministry appears to be making a mark

On the surface reading only the news available, and NOT privy to any information within the Ministry of Finance, under whom this unit operates, and not part of the Customs nor the Police Force, this independent unit is finding contraband.

Wasn’t it them who were able to find the huge cache of drugs, hundreds of kilograms, and is that only the tip of the ICE BURG with a lot more to discover?

The Finance Minister must be commended for these discoveries, with Narcotics being the nastiest item that causes huge social and personal addiction to many and we must do all we can to completely prevent them coming into to Sri Lanka for transit or not.

This unit’s latest find has been illicit booze smuggled into the Country, and the estimate is that the Exchequer alone loses Rs6B in taxes alone. It is therefore most important to catch the culprits who have had a free run during the MR Govt. and who are now being caught. I just hope those who are apprehending them, don’t themselves become the ring leaders due to the huge sums of money that will be offered to OFFEND!

What happens to the drugs that are found? How do they end up? Is anyone accountable for how it is destroyed, and is the evidence held until the trials are completed, and if that takes years, is it actually practical to hold on the evidence for so long, and not expect this highly valuable contraband to disappear! These are all questions that need to be answered.

Wing Commander Ravi Jayasinghe is the head of this unit, and presumably he is able to get to the source of the smuggling of both drugs and alcohol, and is doing what he has been tasked with.

Due to the nature of the products they find, and the tips they get, it is indeed dangerous business as most of the time, it is public servants who are privy, and part of the smuggling rings, giving the legitimacy, and earning the kickbacks that keep them in clover. After all this is done for the Country, to keep it safe from drugs, and in the case of alcohol, to make sure all foreign liquor reaching Sri Lanka comes through legitimate sources, and incurs and pays the relevant taxes. 


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