Friday, November 1, 2013

People prefer State Sector jobs because there is a system in operation!

I got this quote from some place where the writer assumes workers are exploited by the private sector who make trillions of profit at the expense of workers. He is obviously living in the dark ages, as today, labor is far more mobile, except the lazy ones or the less dynamic who prefer slumber to exuberance!!

The anecdote quoted often however, is still true, due to the cachet of a Govt. job where a Graduate gives up a Rs40,000 a month management trainee-ship in the private sector for a Rs10,000 a month intake at the local divisional secretariat. The  latter is a job for life, without being fired, and the possibility of going up through the ranks with time served, ending in a pension at 55 till death and beyond for the spouse is the preferred route, even today. An unproductive carbuncle of a pest!! He is further tempted by the graft that is demanded to do any task in the Govt. departments, and fattens his pocket further debilitating the economy. I beg pardon from the few truly productive selfless Government Servants who struggle to survive against this corrupt order.

It is this mentality that WE MUST change forthwith. Unlike in the past where employment opportunities were few and far between, today’s youth are spoiled for choice and in a country that somehow feeds their unemployed at home, no one is in a hurry to get a job until it is the right one for them.

We can do so only if we educate our youth on risk and reward, and if we are risk averse we SHOULD accept less, and not envy the person who takes the risk and eventually becomes the wealthy industrialist. WE MUST however have laws to make it fair, where he cannot get there by graft and political favoritism that then disillusions the real dynamic entrepreneurial investor.

Sri Lanka especially today, in the MR administration, has only permitted people who are willing to suck up to the administration and provide kickbacks to survive, and so the best leave for greener pastures overseas or desist from a productive enterprise, preferring to use their resources to have a quiet life instead.

Worse still with the envy of the Govt. directed at minorities of both race and religion, has meant that many an investor has taken his investment overseas, and the resulting loss to the economy means that business cannot employ the dynamic output of the land, who also seek greener pastures overseas, resulting in a double whammy loss to the economy, thanks to the policies of the MR Govt. 

This inability to understand how much our economy has lost in this administration, by the people is at the heart of the real problem, and there is no one smart enough to explain what a negative effect the MR Govt. has had on growth, despite the stellar growth rates restricted to a few people, that skews the overall numbers. 


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