Friday, November 22, 2013

“Negative headlines do not determine the progress of History” – Mahindapala

The aptly named HLD Mahindapala in his sycophantic piece on the increased standing in the world that MR (not Sri Lanka) received after CHOGM ended his piece in the Daily Mirror of Wednesday Nov 20th with the words in the above caption.

Frankly if he has any brains he should have said that Headlines, be they be positive or negative DO NOT determine…… So he ended with a non phrase that is not even appropriate to justify the whole article which was in defense of the President with a converse attack on the British Prime Minister.

I don’t understand why they take so much umbrage what a UK PM who has been in office for a few years, and actually been in politics for a few more, when compared with a politician who has been in Politics for nigh on 40 years and power of various sorts for at least 25 of them, says. I am frankly amazed he is making the same comparison!

If he is then it really seems that MR has more skeletons under his cupboard than Cameron. After all lets us face it, if it is individual to individual it is MR who has more allegations that Cameron, and therefore it hits where it hurts, when you cannot reflect the same allegation, and then resort to Sri Lanka vs UK.

It is MR and a few others who are responsible to adequately answer the allegations, and NOT the Country Sri Lanka. Mahindapala just does not get that fact. SO it is NOT Sri Lanka that is facing the criticism, it is President Mahinda Rajapakse who has to face the music in the end along with a few who did his bidding. Truth hurts and there is a payback time one day.

I cannot understand why we need to go back to the 30 year war and look at all the LTTE massacres. They have been vanquished and there is no one to answer to them anymore or take to trial. Do they want to bring the GTF (Global Tamil Forum) comprising of some wanna be nobodies to account? Lets get serious here. No one denies the appalling atrocities of the LTTE. And let us hope we will never forget them. It is only the lapses of the Govt. namely on the instructions of a few that questions are sought and we went through a wholly unnecessary waste of time and energy called LLRC, when it should have been three of four who should have been called to account, answered and then resolved these allegations onc and for all and so we could have ended this in May 2009

Instead this Govt. has been cowardly and has dragged the innocent Nation through the coals for a few transgressions of a few that could be answered and resolved in a day. Surely you agree in hindsight that this would have even erased the LTTE rump forever.   

Now there is some talk that we are in talks with South Africa for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Whatever for? We have not had thousands of perpetrators. The victims are for the most part dead and some of the perpetrators merely followed orders. It is the three or four who gave the orders that require the rehabilitation (poonaruththapanaya) and no one else.

Let us start with the First Citizen and once he is rehabilitated he will behave as a reformed addict would. After all we remember when he went to the UNHRC to accuse his country’s Govt. for HR violations. It would be nice to have the same man back, rehabilitated. We will have a glorious future then. Don’t accuse the opposition of treachery, if you were also guilty of the same.

I am and have been against dragging this nation through the coals for the sins of a few people who do not want to admit their faults. After all if the President followed the words he preached to us, in the final sentence of his opening address to the CHOGM, he should be the first to look into the truth and look inwards and not throw stones at others. So your own words have come back to haunt you.

It is really silly and incompetent of the Mahindapalas of this world to resort to the same errors that MR pointed out in his final sentence at throwing stones in glass houses, at Cameron who had NOTHING to gain from what he did. Mahindapala knows that the Tamil Diaspora do not vote Conservative, and are hardly likely this time round to do so, after the Cameron made for TV show. Cameron just had it in for MR and NOT SRI LANKA before he arrived and he executed his plan to perfection right the way through. We just permitted, tolerated, or even encouraged it, by throwing more obstacles in the way, and further reinforced his convictions, without doing a damned thing to reduce this enthusiasm for a show. It was merely payback time for trasing the UK, and I would too if I was the UK PM against any attack on my country. So it is just an act of patriotism of a person and nothing at all to do with the LTTE Diaspora influence. No doubt they seized on giving the evidence to payback for pompous threats that was all.

It is just in his genes to throw protocol and pomp out the window, and just followe the path he was born to. You can say Bullington, or uncouth, or uncivilized, that’s fine as he does not care a damn what others think of him.

It would have been more apt if the Mahindapala time was better spent in advising his mentor or leader to show magnanimity, inclusiveness, and statesmanship in tackling the issues that have been agreed to at the Colombo Declaration, and start with what we can do at home to implement those points. Only then will his genuine desire for reform of the current deviant system be applauded and then emulated. If you want him to be the Chair and not the Country, then what better way than show his leadership so that others might follow.

So let us take a positive step to reform the utterly decrepit hell of totalitarianism that is prevalent in SL, in case Mahindapala has not realized as a sycophant who is blind, deaf and even dumb.

So let me leave with my phrase of the day. It is not what you do or say today that matters, it is how posterity judges your performance during your lifetime. All your good deeds and bad deeds are evaluated and it is the net result that gets the recognition, be it positive or negative.                    

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