Saturday, November 16, 2013

Traitors continue to assault the innocent with the Traitor tag!!

Gayantha Karunatilleke MP and Buddhika Pathirana MP, publicly used the TV face time to score some petty political points. Namely they accused the Government of admitting Callum MacRae and his TV production team into the Country during CHOGM, as the Govt. maintained that they  had nothing to hide and that he was free to go anywhere in the Country, including the North.

Their point was that why would the Government permit people the Govt have actively branded as those working in tandem with the Diaspora to discredit the Govt. Their TV films of the Killing Fields, had its latest version shown on TV just prior to CHOGM, and the timing was obviously to cause maximum negative impact then! The TV coverage must have further emboldened McRae.

Of course the Govt. appears to have had a different agenda, namely of permitting them and then harassing them, in a gleeful show of masochism. Firstly the Govt. organized a demo in the airport, where NO demos or demonstrators are ever allowed when they arrived. Secondly when they left for the North, another set of goons did not allow them to proceed further from Anuradhapura blocking the train, and then forced them to head back to Colombo. Then conveniently the news was that they had NOT paid the dual AC van fare from Anuradhapura via an overnight stop over at the Kandalama Hotel of Rs30,000. I believe it has been a much ado about nothing scenario and pittance of 150 Quid that he has to pay is anyway on the expense account, so not paying was probably on the assumption that the SL Govt. who caused the annoyance in the first place should foot the bill. Why invite someone, to see the North and then prevent them from going their. That MacRae is the classic Sri Lankan duoble speak of the Govt. which we have to  live with day in and day out. You for only a couple of days of run arounds!  

Then as if to add insult to injury, they were apparently seen as guests at Sirikotha at a planned alternative CHOGM Human Rights event. Apparently it had photos of the BBS attacking religious freedom! I have no proof of the latter, but it is enough to discredit the UNP, where an accused LTTE apologist was permitted into the UNP HQ, and for that the UNP has lost all credibility as a party, by harboring traitors of Sri Lanka.

No doubt the “Anti Ranil” elements will go to town, as the obvious incompatibility with the statements made at the top will also haunt the party! This fact has spread like wildfire as the UPFA seniors have resorted to pointing this out, to deflect blame from a pretty pathetic CHOGM with the lowest turnout of HOGs ever.

This again is manufactured news, as a party such as the UNP is for a United Sri Lanka devoid of division, and the UPFA is for a majoritarian state with little or no power to the minorities. The Govt. has done such a good job in brainwashing the remaining opposition, using this kind of event as being treachery, when surely the real treachery is the use of the BBS to pit racist elements against other religions.

This results in an effective division of the Country along religious and racial lines, period! Even the intelligent Sri Lankans have bowed and cowed to this “Smoke and Mirrors” political game played by the Govt. with all the might of media behind them, and Sirasa using its own weight to reinforce this canard, without pointing the reality! due to petty differences of opinion with the UNP leader.

In this case MacRae has been used royally to put a further dagger into the UNP elephant, by the Govt. and it is going to be that much harder for the UNP to remove itself from this fall into the ditch face first. There can be no doubt that it is the party leader Ranil Wickremasinghe who will face the wrath of the remainder in his party for such insensitive acts, when I know he had nothing to do with McRae being inside, if in fact he was. So they should have prevented/stopped him right!!

MacRae on the other hand is gleeful that despite his horrendous and damning accusations against the Govt. he was able to get so much publicity for his team and himself, and he will be able to go back and point out the absurdity of Govt. employed goons ready at every turn with propaganda fed them, to demonstrate against him. Is this going to change MacRae into looking into the Govt angle and maybe have a re think of his accusations or is it going to solidify his convictions?

I rather think the latter, and I also think the Govt. does not care a damn. They did not want to be accused of preventing his arrival, and wanted to menace him in any way he could. What MacRae has really done though is that he has contributed further to the erosion of the popularity of the UNP, and thereby hit another nail in the coffin of democracy. I would like to ask MacRae, is that what you want, and is that what you expected to happen? Did he realize that he has actually become an invaluable asset to President Rajapakse in his act of defiling democracy?

Lets get back to this accusation by the Media, and thereby believed by all including the Colombo English speaking types, that UNP brought Tamils into Sirikotha, and Tamils in this context on Govt. accusations are proxy LTTE who the public think and have been led to believe have been brought in by the UNP to DIVIDE the Country. This is a Human Rights Forum, giving voice to aggrieved Tamils!

So if this was held anywhere else it would not even have elicited any news, now that it was at the UNP HQ it has turned the UNP into traitors, and the damage is done. So the point then becomes you must not only be just but be seen to be just, and in this day and age, if you are seen with any Tamil people you are a Traitor!!!

Readers, that is how much the Rajapakse Govt. as traitorous and treacherous as it is  has been able to portray the real unifying party as one of dividing and vice versa   



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