Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Nation – Talking about Media Freedom; it is like the ….

The Drug dealer talking about helping to get kids off of drugs!

The Nation a slavishly pro Government Rag has the nerve to talk about Media Freedom and the FMM attempts at educating journalists on responsibilities of journalists to their readership.

It was particularly appalling of the Nation on Sunday, 3rd November issue to talk about the recent deportation of the Asia Pacific Director of the International Federation of Journalists, a highly recognized internationally renowned organization representing journalists.  

Prostituting media freedom by foot, it is like the pot calling the kettle black, who prostitutes Media freedom, and pays lip service other than rogues defending rogues. Ask you boss, how much he paid for 45% of Packers casino, the answer is zilch and a free license when it should be sold to him by the Country for over US$1B, so who is kidding whom? 

It said that the journalist was here illegally to attend a FMM workshop, as she had not got her business visa and travelled on a tourist visa. Helo, editor of the Nation since when have you become so legalistic in a country without rules, to throw the book at her, when it is common the world over when one comes for a week or two to any country to come on a tourist visa when it is easy, and not as complicated and time consuming and in this instance the only way to come to Sri Lanka for such an event!!!

I am not condoning law breaking but what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. After all dear editor/writer as if you did not know your own owners representative in the illegal casino deal James Packer also came to Sri Lanka to meet the authorities on a tourist visa, when he clearly came on business and we all know what kind of business that is.

Please don’t try to preach to us. After all your owner runs a Casino that is NOT licensed and you have the gall the balls and straight face to tell cast aspersions at others. Hey double standards is a part of Sri Lankan life and in your case you ought to be the last to preach, constantly defending a regime that is indefensible, corrupt, megalomaniacal and destructive towards a United Sri Lanka. You cant see it because you are part of the problem.

It is a devil of a job for a young journalist to write what is right! Especially in the national interest as it is certainly not in the Nation’s interest. Your paper is outwardly biased and that is OK with me, but don’t go preaching about media freedom and FMM being in the pocket of those who you are against.

I don’t like the way the FMM is run in SL, and it needs to be cleaned up. Not by your interference but by that of honest hardworking journalists who care for their country, and their freedom to report as it is not what MARA’s goons want,like you.             

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