Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Rajapakse vice on power is further tightened to a select few

SM Chandresena – now a Cabinet Minister again, as his brother SM Ranjith is the Chief Minister of the North Central Province – breaking their own rules again! 

There is one law for the Presidential sycophants and another for the rest. The Prime Minister DM Jayaratne was unable to get his son who obtained the largest preferential votes in the Central Province to become the Chief Minister due to this rule that was just broken.

Let us not forget that SM Chandresena resigned his Cabinet post just because his brother was made the Chief Minister. So now the Berty Premalal family will be incensed at a further erosion of their power in Anuradhapura.

In short this is a simple assertion of Presidential power at its ultimate show. Further consolidating one man rule in Sri Lanka, however one would like to put a spin on the proceedings for hoodwinking purposes. With Shashindra Rajapakse at the helm in Uva Province, are we to see another Rajapakse emerge in the Western Province sidelining the Ranatunges to history too? It will not be long before we have an answer to that too, a truly vice like grip on the nation.              

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