Thursday, November 14, 2013

While CHOGM is on the Govt. encouraging Anti-Tamil feelings! BBS also!

The politics of this Govt. is like no other in the land like no other that is Sri Lanka.

Right in the middle of CHOGM, the President was hijacked by the Channel 4 crew, and the unruffled President asked them to go North and check it out. Then he instructed his henchman, Chandresena and his brother SM Ranjith the Chief Minister of the North Central Province to obstruct their journey North. The train that McCrae and Miller were on was stopped North of Anuradhapura by an organized mob sent by them. The Journalists were escorted back to Colombo. Implication being that they could NOT get a firsthand look at the Northern Province and get visual, verbal and eyewitness accounts!!!!

Then the bus loads of women from the North, who are still fighting for their rights, of missings and displaced and incarcerated relatives were stopped from proceeding South of Madawachchiya and they protested back in Vavuniya!! What would have been lost had they been allowed to come down south? Would it even have made news like it does now.

Then it was the turn of Gota’s goons on 13th November to obstruct the vehicle of the Leader of the Opposition, and break its glass, whilst demonstrating against a Human Rights Seminar of all things!!!   This MOB was demonstrating against the talk of Human Rights in the middle of CHOGM, “you cannot be serious man” 

If that was not enough on 14th November the presence of Tamil people at the second day of that conference on HR was also pelted with Goons provided by the governing party, Kotte municipal councilors, under Gota’s instructions all of which makes the news, and gives foreign journalists a “heyday payday” being fed them by the Government.  On top of it that mobster from the BBS the Ven. Galagoda Aththo Gnanisara has managed to jump into Sirikotha to cause mayhem and raise his stock amongst his gallery. What a right royal farce, on Prince Charles Birthday!

In my book this is the work of traitors and who might that be? The Rajapakse government without a doubt and without shame it seems. It is apparent that the whole country is under the misapprehension that the Opposition is trying in unpatriotic, and it is not a question, who the real culprits are. This Govt. is doing its darndest to make out to foreign journalists that it is a racist bigoted state owned and run by a family, so that they can use it as political capital against the Govt. in their normal act of playing to the gallery. This is something foreign journalists DO NOT understand as it sounds illogical, but is a hugely effective political tool! 

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