Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Previous Blog post on 12th Nov 2013 has been witheld by our censors! I wonder why?

I researched on the possibles and probables just as the Govt is also doing today, and before the Govt. I was able to determine that the compared with past CHOGM this week's one is a disaster as far as foreign leader participation is concerned, and I said so in my blog. It appears that it is blocked at the moment for fear of putting people off.

The Govt maintained that 37 HOGs would arrive and now they appear to have to eat their words as even this is doubtful!

Don't be silly, by trying to muzzle the written word. We who love this Country don't want to see it wasted by those who rule us, so those of you who are engaged in this sordid work for your mis led orders don't.


  1. thanks for seeing sense and letting this through!!

  2. Only 22 or 23 will come!!!! If we get 25 it is good!