Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Rag called Ceylon Today up to its dirty tricks again!

I have constantly accused Ceylon Today and its sister paper Mawbima of making up fanciful stories to reinforce their angle and lies and the link is further proof of their extremely puerile behavior. see link:
I am sure that most readers now buy these only if their imagination needs some far fetched made up story to keep them amused, and as these papers cannot sell their papers for news they resort to making up stories hoping the paper will sell.

If they had any sense and if the papers proprietor has any sense he would summarily dismiss these editors, somehow I suspect that he too is biased and for reasons of his own wishes to pour mud at people he has targeted as ones he does not like.

I understand that in this particular instance, both Thushara Guneratne and Upul Joseph Fernando, owe their lives and careers to Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe, who  gave them all the tools they needed to get to where they are now. So constantly ganging up in their verbal barrage is quite reprehensible to say the least, and is an indication of their lack of any morals or of decency.

Obviously we know what happens to people of that ilk and in the end good will triumph over evil though at the moment we find it hard to predict the future.

I also am led to believe the staff in the paper clearly seeing what is going on, and the blatant disregard to common morals are also looking out for other jobs. I must say I don’t blame them. I would do the same if I was them.

It is important that the Newspaper industry does not self regulate, by reprimanding them, but as the Govt. papers blatantly lie, it seems a difficult thing to do. They will no doubt have their comeuppance soon. Not soon enough I might add.

A democracy must have a vibrant press and that sadly is lacking in Sri Lanka due to the power of the Govt. to influence and coerce media, but added to that when one has media with agendas just to make up stories it makes a mockery of the freedom of the media, what to lie!!

I appeal to readers to make people aware that the papers referred to above have a keen desire to lie to their readership and accordingly the readers MUST remember that they should treat their news like a pinch of salt!     

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