Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A spoil sport if ever there was one, and that is putting it mildly!

The UNP at its Working Committee Meeting held at Sirikotha yesterday, 4th Nov, agreed to devolve all their powers, along with those of the Party Leader, to the newly established Leadership Council(LC). This was a historical decision in the Party’s history, that few believed would even come to fruition.

It was only fair that Mr Karu Jayasuriya MP be appointed as its Chairman as the crucial talks to iron out differences were delegated by the UNP to Karu, Ranil and Sajith, and if Ranil was not included in the Council, then it was up to the next person Karu to lead it.

Subsequent to the meeting (I do wish to know if Sajith did reveal his decision at the meeting for other members to challenge him!) he announced to the press that he would play NO part in the LC! Citing some technicality of a Bhikku meeting at which certain demands had not been adhered to the letter. See link:   http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=91508       I ask an intelligent observer, Is this a valid enough reason not to take his seat in the LC? After all Politics is the art of compromise, and the Party Leader in a historic move gave away his whole Control, hook line and sinker to the LC and Sajith is SPLITTING HAIRS! 


In my opinion, it is the first time he has had to take a decision without consulting his mother and wife, and he has opted out! It ended his political future that very moment. It defined him as a NO BODY. A baby who could not fight with the big boys. A sorry figure with no friends, and supporters, he cut a lonely figure. He has now lost the few friends he has left.

His insecurity was transparent in his lame excuse and it is time his followers finally realize that he just is not leadership material and has proved so in this obvious instance. Don’t forget it was a chance in a life time for him. The party leader was not included in this Council and so he did not have to fear dealing with him, so he could take on a leading role, with the senior statesman Karu there to guide the discussions, not instigate them. It is so clear now that Sajith did not feel up to the task. He needed the confidence that he could now take over the suggestions, and the responsibility of implementation, neither of which he appears capable of doing. 

He has burnt his bridges, and it is time he goes over to MR, and tries his hand there, and realize, if he is to beat MR he cannot compare himself to him, he has to be a different person, which he clearly cannot be! Hope he finds fame as a singer!    

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