Monday, November 11, 2013

Sri Lanka IGP – your boys are up to their political tricks again!

As if the disgrace of the police force was not enough, when due to orders from Politicos and Businessmen, 23 Police Officers were summarily transferred out of the Organized Crime Investigation Unit within 24 hours, of them raiding a high-class casino in the Salaka building on Union Place, to compound matters, lawlessness of the Government Party continues.

The innate ability of the Police Force in Sri Lanka to lie, must make Ajith Rohana, the Police Media spokesman, one of the liars in Chief and apologists for his profession. He of course maintained that the decision to transfer took place on October 25th and the raid was on November 4th. This kind of nonsense where under no circumstances is a whole department transferred in one go, and some who  served very short stints among them, is beyond the pale and totally politically motivated.

Just imagine what has happened to ongoing investigations into other crimes that this team was engaged in!! hundreds of years of police service and knowledge disappearing at a stroke on the whim of some higher up who was upset at being caught with his pants down breaking the law. For senior personnel of the forces to be found out this way, and for them not to be taken to task within their own force is tantamount to getting away with murder.

In the same way, a UNP provincial councilor from Puttalam was assaulted and fired upon by known miscreants, and when they were reported to the Police, the police CHOSE not to take any action against them. This is further evidence of a two interpretations of the law for different groups, one for friends of the Govt. and one for the lesser mortals! The law does not apply equally in this country and that is just plain wrong no matter who is in power. If we cannot put pressure on the Govt. to correct this wrong, there is just no other choice than to have to resort to international pressure for justice.

My personal instinct is NOT to go overseas for help, but when one’s hands are tied in one’s own country, one does not have any choice in seeking justice. It is time the IGP exercised his independence as a servant of the state and be fair to all. He is a fair, who if he wishes to be known as one for posterity, MUST take the needed action, correct the wrongs, face the wrath of the masters, and do what is right. It is only then that even if he is unfairly dismissed, can be hold his head up high.       

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