Sunday, November 17, 2013

Whose fault was it in allowing the BBS rabble into Sirikotha on the 14th Nov.?

The terrible sight flashed around of the BBS strong man who loves publicity, the Ven. Galaboda Aththe Gnanisara, confronting pacifist UNP Priests who had just had their mid day meal, and had returned to Sirikotha, the means used by the BBS to gain entry in a stealthy manner, when their presence was neither requested nor permitted.

Once inside, the media went to town in filming the altercations, and even if they the BBS were the intruder, and in fact thief in that sense, the news as that is not free or fair or even balanced, reported it as innocent BBS coming to do their duty to investigate reports that the HR Forum in Sirikotha was displaying photos of BBS in their exhibition that purported to show the BBS in a dim light, being hit.

Firstly does the BBS have any right of entry to investigate? I am sure they have NONE as they were NOT invited to do so. To me they sound like they were merely following a Govt. contract to try and gain access to Sirikotha to provoke the UNP on the day the Leadership Council was having its first meeting. So to the outsider, due to the control of media by the state it now seems that they were unfairly set upon, when in fact they were intruding where they were not supposed to be at.

Have we lost the sense of logic and investigative sense in this? The UNP in its quest to have a common Opposition against the Govt. has permitted all those against the Govt. to have their own interpretation, and when that interpretation comes out of Sirikotha it is assumed to be a UNP viewpoint. It is clear that this is a wrong policy, and that they MUST go it alone, as encouraging everyone who opposes the Govt. to join with them IS NOT helping the cause of the UNP in the political space in Sri Lanka today, due to a hugely powerful juggernaut bent on preventing any traction to be made against the Government.

It must be understood by the politically astute, that it is time they stopped being na├»ve and realize the game of the Rajapakse Hegemony. They will NOT tolerate dissent. They will do all they can in their power, to discredit the opposition from even making a comeback by using the media every step of the way to carry out their agenda, and fling back all the real accusations they are complicit in, straight back at the Opposition. The weakness of the opposition and the infighting is preventing it from effectively counterattacking on the points of accusation, and thereby with no defense, results in accusations, although unfair, being believed and strengthened leaving no chance for the UNP to counter false propaganda. The answer to this lies in one person taking up the mantle and unifying the party with a conviction and presence that can turn all prior indignities on their head.                 


  1. Excerpt from an article today with the link to the whole article below:

    The BBS General Secretary, Ven. Gnanasara Thera, led the monks and the mob, who were there to protest the human rights festival being held at the UNP headquarters to highlight issues and people that weren’t going to be discussed at CHOGM’s official proceedings or venues. While it is clear that both sides engaged in fisticuffs and foul language, MTV’s take on the whole issue was fascinating. They chose to pin point pro-UNP members in the crowd involved in the assault and completely ignore the part played by the BBS and their goons. The BBS reputation for violent and unruly behavior precedes them, making it virtually unimaginable that they behaved with decorum and fortitude while protesting outside Sirikotha. In fact video footage proves that it was quite the contrary. MTV’s take on the BBS attack on Sirikotha was tantamount to justifying their actions, illustrating the depths to which Sri Lankan media will sink in order to score points.

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