Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Voice of Reason gives way to the Voice of Treason – Denial of access in SL for Colombo Page, Colombo Telegraph! What next?

The Precipitous Decline in Individual Freedoms has take a turn for the worse with the denial of access to SL surfers of both Colombo Telegraph and Colombo Page and we do not know what else as yet!
This means that only treasonable information is now available, as the Govt. appears to be bent on destroying this Country. Unfortunately a foreigner is in charge of our Defense, an US Citizen by the name of Ghotabaya Rajapakse who is playing to the tune of External influences, and thus denying basic rights to the people of Sri Lanka.
In any other country such treasonable activity would give rise to the firing squad, but in Sri Lanka the particular individual appears to be at the head of the stone throwing MOB even escorting  ( by giving security ) those heathens dressed in Monk robes who were throwing the stones at Private Property in openly challenging the laws of the nation.
Further succor was given by a police force fearful of offending the traitor, as they are led by such a person, throwing the dynamics of Sri Lanka on its head.
It is ironic that we underwent severe hardship, fought and died to defeat a brutal terrorist group only to have it replaced by even more of a frightening form of terror, when you never know who is going to be targeted next, and who will be at the receiving end of the white van treatment.
As the traditional terror has been eliminated by a huge presence of security, now the replacement of terror is by the security forces themselves as there can be no other force that can carry out such blatant acts of aggression in such a public and worry free manner.
I do not buy the argument that is now being made that the Govt. actually caused the current backlash against all things not Buddhist, so that they can in a short while before the spark of the inferno is lit, intervene and pretend to the savior of the people by preventing another 1983 which they will say was a UNP led pogrom against Tamils, and that they are the answer to such threats, as a UNP Govt. would have met it by carnage similar to that of 1983.
I believe it is pure and simple jealousy on the part of impotent people against a very successful community that has now encircled all forms of commerce and holds the reins where the sweat and toil of the Sinhala is used by them to the full advantage. This canard of heaping, the inadequacy of the Sinhala people to help each other and grow, on non Buddhists is reprehensible and regrettable. It will ricochet back on the Buddhists to destroy any level of sympathy one has for them.

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