Thursday, March 21, 2013

The HR violators list votes against the resolution – What does that make SL?

In Geneva a little while ago, the countries currently under regimes (Bar 3) that have doubtful records of how it treats their own citizens are on the list of those who voted against the UNHRC resolution. So what does that make Sri Lanka, another country that treats its own citizens in a degrading way! You must ask that of the citizens whose basic rights are violated by their own state apparatus.
SO what is this list of 13 who appear to be in the same boat as Sri Lanka and are all sailing against the wind, so to speak!
Kuwait      - They have pledged solidarity despite the Muslim issue - appreciated
Qatar          - Another case of supporting the country that provides their workers
UAE           - Another case of supporting the country that provides their workers
Included in this list are 8 Muslim countries that provided solidarity to Sri Lanka despite the anti Muslim behavior of some goons with Govt. support. That tells a lot on the resilience of the countries to assault on their religion. Indonesia and Pakistan are two countries with the largest Muslim populations in the world.
In tomorrow’s papers the Govt. as they did last time will add the abstentions as those who on the Govt. side and include them too to take it up to 21, but still means that 25 voted against Sri Lanka, with ALL the European Nations in the UNHRC and in the Asian block all voted either on behalf of SL or abstained except of course our large neighbor India, and the Republic of Korea, the latter where US influence was felt. In this whole charade, it is India’s very firm voting of the resolution that must be taken seriously, as a concern for the future of the special and now not so special relationship.

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