Friday, April 5, 2013

It is truly a wonder if the SLFP enrolled 2M new members! It is a bigger wonder if there is anyone one who actually believes the Govt. statement!!!

In this wonder of Asia it is all about wonders, and now there is yet another wonder. The SLFP, the principle constituent of the UPFA government said that last week’s Nil Rella new membership drive enrolled 2 million members in the last week.
We are now left wondering if there are any people left who have not enrolled in either main party.
It is this sort of dedicated wishful thinking that defines everything this Govt does, and the fact that there still remains a dedicated band of followers who blindly take anything thrown at them, is what makes the citizen of this Country a product of a very stunted education system.
People not being able to think rationally whether something is likely to be true, is at the heart of the problem where they live in denial of reality. It is therefore important to try and explain time and time again why such absurd statements are ABSURD!!! In spending time one on one to make people realize that  I am not intent on brainwashing people to believe what I do, but to look at what they believe and why, and if it is improbable, what is the likely reason for such asinine statements, then the rational person is likely to form his own opinion, without being prompted.
It is this level of deduction, that I would like to see amongst our populace, and then we may be able to have a rational form of government which is nearer one that is practical, bearing in mind the needs of the citizens of Sri Lanka. It is therefore a considerable task to overcome state sponsored mind altering brainwashing techniques, aimed at perpetuating a form of Government which is not assisting in the tangible development of society for the benefit of most of the Citizens who live in the Island.
It is important that we are able to measure the faith in our leaders, by their utterances. It is also important therefore that they know that they cannot fool their constituents into unrealistic promises. Only then will Sri Lanka obtain true leadership from their elected Government to serve the people, rather than at present, where the leadership is engaged in a huge swindle which they have been able to hide by the deficit in thinking of the electorate. They have been able to misuse the Media to their advantage as a result. An electorate with better analytical skills will be able to see right from wrong and treat information fed with sufficient skepticism to ensure that a more rational basis of test will be performed on future contenders for leadership. We only deserve better when we know better. 

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