Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The marauders are at it again nearby, the day Mattala is opened. How ironic?

In yet another act of blatant aggression, a group of Buddhist Monks have disgustingly attacked another place of Religious Worship. It seems that Law and Order has really gone to the dogs, and the Dogs are in power, surprise surprise!
Why is our leader leading a pack of dogs? Surely they uphold Law and Order. It is the basic principle on which a Society can operate, otherwise Dogs rule in packs.
The Government MUST intervene before this problem gets worse. Is MR frightened of GR? As it is the latter who is at it, with the fuel for some personal shortcoming of his own. This inaction and leaving it to the IGP to do a useless investigation that will be forgotten and filed away in days, is simply a joke.
There is a limit to intolerance. If these people were a nuisance, like noise and disturbing the peace then there are legal grounds like noise pollution ordinances etc and blocking public access ways. So what is the law they broke?
If the Govt. is not happy with this, they must change the law to prohibit certain gatherings, otherwise taking the law into their own hands is illegal and subject to prosecution. Why is the Govt. afraid of prosecuting law breakers?
Is it just another instance of one law for the law breakers of the Govt. side which now appears to include Buddhist monks and mobs lead by them, and another law for those not! Remember how a religion led rabble can be aroused to insane levels, with behavior that 1983 reminds us of. Animalistic behavior of humans led by animals is common both here and overseas. It is  dangerous to the point of clearly drawing battle lines for a civil war of proportions this nation has never seen.
This Government has lost its legitimate right to govern, and I believe it is time for a change to a pluralistic democracy and the scourge of our society needs to be tamed, and if need be lawfully prosecuted. Now that the law enforces, and the law pronounces, as in the Justice system are also compromised, there is a need for a clean up there too.
We are in the scenario today in Sri Lanka where those who are not affected just keep mum and let matters take their course hoping it will go away. It is those very people who will shortly have to suffer the consequences of their impotence. Their deposits insecure, their businesses threatened with losses, the economy taking a turn for the worse. Only a few have socked their booty overseas safe from predators, the rest of society will just have to face the music.

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