Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why are we tolerating INSANITY and the irrationality of BBS?

Every step of the way the BBS made statements that did not make sense. Each time there was some concession, a further nonsensical one was demanded, where as once a final multi faith compromise was reached, they demanded that HALAL be made illegal in Sri Lanka. Why didn’t they start with that if that was what they wanted all along?
This irrationality that goes with hatred is a normal human failing, and the consequences profound, and as far as the future prosperity and nationhood of Sri Lanka is concerned truly shattering. The timing could not have been worse with the UNHRC meetings bound to take this into account in further attacking Sri Lanka.
The silence of the authorities, and by its implication is a veritable blessing, is incredulous. The lack of a strong willed opposition to challenge this certification, leaves those wishing to fight for justice, without both an anchor or a rudder, floating on air!
The Government it appears has determined that the worst result is best for them from Geneva, so that a full year of problems in the next 12 months will easily be blamed on Geneva! That is how it expects to tackle the fallout on the economy from weak policies, and diffuse the extent of their bad management.
The Country Sri Lanka is being held to ransom not by the foreigners, but by our own administration, as the foreign canard will be exposed in time, but then much damage would have been done, and a further pause of a decade or two to undo the ensuing damage courtesy of GOSL.
In short I believe the racist elements both in the Monk factions emerging every day and its patrons are shortsighted and traitorous to the nation. They are playing to prejudiced and ignorant people with a huge inferiority complex. They are not amenable to psychological counseling for their mental problems and so we the people they fool as well as the rest of us who are held hostage have to deal with the fallout.
Yes we are tolerant of madness right up to the top. We must be consistent in our tolerance of other mad ones, who are not in the top. Why is there a distinction on one set of mad people from another?  They are both reprehensible with agendas that are not consistent with the interest of the people of Sri Lanka.
So BBS and all the avatars of a much of a muchness, you are a curse, but also you have by your actions proved to people what humans are capable of and we will hopefully learn from your mistakes not to be fooled in future by your hatred.

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