Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Hypocrisy of winning the war is that we are now losing everywhere! As Traitors rule

The Secretary of Defense at a recent talk alluded to the fact that winning the war has permitted the Country to have no fear and pursue the path of peace and sustainable growth for all those who live in this Island.

No one denies that people are safer from Bombs and even the Tamil people are comparatively much better off than if they were still in a conflict situation. What I cannot understand is nearly 4 years after the end of the conflict he still has to even utter such superfluous words! The absence of war does not mean Peace!
People are not dumb to the realities. Many electors are still dumb, but it is our duty to educate them that using the War Victory as a reason to even keep them in power any longer is going to make the country safer, and more prosperous is a huge confidence trick. The canard of lies will take a little time to be evident, but I fear if we wait that long the damage that has been done to repair the daily criminal activity, the biggest being the wholesale borrowing of funds to pay for uneconomical projects with no return, is going to mire the citizens in debt.
Those in power have no concern for those who will be affected by the profligate policies that have been adopted, when that money could easily have been borrowed at far lower rates of interest, and yielded far better returns if the economy was managed more judiciously, on projects that could be justified.
I agree, the President and maybe his family are politically astute as compared with the opposition. However that is only Politically, (as in winning elections by knowing what to say to the electorate to get them to vote for them) However economic incompetence is a wholly another matter, as it is about the careful management of the state’s finances, so as not to burden future generations, by use of policies that are not defensible. It is not about democracy or dictatorship.
What Ghotabaya does not realize is that he is only an able and possibly ruthless soldier, and is able to instill discipline by fear, but that is where it ends. Managing how the country spends its resources, requires a visionary plan, not waking up to unrelenting acts of personal glory. It is this legacy, and not the wining of the war that they will be consigned to the dustbin of history for. They don’t care about their legacy, when they have benefited from their position whilst in power, but it is a country that has to bear the cost of that legacy and it is time we woke up to it.
This blind fold that they walk in smugness, whilst completely unaware of what is going on around is a mystery, I cannot fathom, except one explanation. Only a traitor to the nation would willfully, knowingly permit this rape of this land.

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