Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taking Credit for winning a war does not Justify raping the country of ALL resources! The loser turns out to be not the LTTE but …….

Since May 2009 I list below the extent to which the Country has been raped! It is by no means complete, not even by a short stretch, and is probably just skirting the surface. Can so much go so wrong in 4 years?
1 The single largest act of rape is the concerted, unrelenting daily dose of lies and misleading statements, where words and deeds have NO congruence. It has fooled the people to such a degree, by its success that it is a monumental task to explain.
2 Possibly the second highest is the amount by which the Country’s limited resources have been taken by way of unreasonable commissions, kickbacks, bribes and kappang (protection rackets), that is estimated at about 10% of GDP per annum into the hands of the Govt. and affiliated parties. This has reduced growth, and taken from the poor to feed a few of the wealthy.
3 The unabashed rate of borrowing taking advantage of carefully built credit ratings over 50 years of payment of dues on schedule, resulting, in excessive borrowing, paying excessive rates of interest, and for projects whose rate of return is much less than the rate of interest payable is going to result in the mass of the less well off having to pay for their sins long after the Govt. has disappeared, morel like run away with the loot.
4 There is no point in talking of the rape of archaeological antiquities, of forest, tree felling, sand mining, rock blasting, removing soil and even the scarce wildlife. In the short span of a few years, we have done more damage than the 50 years preceding.
5 Honest people cannot work in Govt. service, as only rogues succeed as they work in tandem with Politicians who make no place for honesty. This has reduced the whole state bureaucracy to incompetent yes men with no morality or integrity.
6 Political Patronage in Illicit Moonshine, (recent Ethanol Container case has proved that even the law does not apply to some who continue to flout it despite being caught.) Gambling, Drugs have taken this business to another level.
6 The Govt, supported Mafia that control the price of vegetables has artificially increased consumer prices, whilst making farmers more destitute.
7 Fraud with regard to import of harmful chemicals and fertilizer continues to kill citizens in even greater numbers, as cheaper more dangerous substitutes replace the safer product, in import mafia deals with Customs cooperation and enrichment.
8 The abuse of state resources like chartering state aircraft for Presidential Use!
9 Fraud with regards to vehicle imports, permits, and crude oil purchases, has increased pollution, consumption, and increased imports of fuel to run, ever more expensive luxury vehicles.
10 Foreign Employment Agencies with political patronage fleecing our migrants destined overseas, that provide less than perfect jobs for our workers, that result in the effective rape of our workers, by them not able to maximize on their potential.
11 The Rape of our once enviable Education System by an unplanned disorganized mix of unchecked Private Education Establishments with NO commensurate effort to improve the public education system.
12 The Rape of the Stock Market by insiders who have effectively screwed the small investor out of their life savings, with no recourse against the perpetrators.
13 The increasing incidence of RAPE of the woman and child, much of which is ALSO attributable to the Patronage received by Govt. Politicians at all levels.
14 The Rape of the Judiciary, where no one in Govt. is even safe from prosecution or being treated fairly under the law, in accordance with the Law.
15 The Rape of the Country from Overseas by the International Forces, by the Government failing to implement LLRC as promised, turning the country into a pariah state leading to possibly actions including the earlier loss of GSP.
16 The wholly unnecessary Killings (250) and life threatening and life changing injuries (2500) due to the abuse of power by speeding politicians killing and maiming innocent civilians on their way to a brouhaha. NO compensation paid.
17 Breakdown in Law enforcement by a Police Force that is now beholden ONLY to the machinations of a politician and NOT accountable anymore to the people they are obliged to serve and protect. (Service being replaced by Servility)
18 Kleptocracy that is what the method of government has become. It has never before been at this level. It is getting worse and not better, and cartel involved in this daylight robbery is expanding in ever increasing circles!
19 The Rape of the Individual with the lack of any of the Freedoms we so cherish, namely that of expression, speech or media and gathering.
20 People DO NOT have any freedom to practice their own religion in a way that does not harm others, even in their own homes, where there are groups that are outside the law that do home invasions to prevent people practicing their faiths.
This list goes on and on, and if anyone can honestly tell me that these have not got worse in the past 4 years, means that we have LOST the Peace in a grand scale!

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