Friday, March 15, 2013

Canada – Why are you sending Hugh Segal a special envoy to Sri Lanka? It will justify more HR violations!

Sending Hugh Segal is going to be a huge publicity coup to the MR Govt. which will be able to make maximum mileage of LTTE apologists in town. If there was no pro LTTE lobby group in Canada, there will be no special envoy sent to SL plain and simple. Stephen Harper the PM is just playing domestic politics only!
This is going to make it more difficult for the opposition in SL to attack daily infringements of HR violations, as the Govt. will be able to diffuse the blame to those who seek to destabilize the country from outside, the LTTE Diaspora WHO HAVE NOT given up the dream of an pointless Eelam within the Island.
I am amazed as to how shamefacedly cynical the Canadians are in only representing their interests, and not human rights violation in general. Threats from a politically impotent Commonwealth is NOT going to move this insane regime from its self anointed pomposity. It is us fighting on the ground with no Diaspora or INGO or Pakiasothys and Pereras to help us fight injustice on a daily; be it Police brutality, be it abuse of women, and state institutions doing nothing about it, be it foreigners being killed by Govt. politicians and the state looking the other way, or be it us daily harassed because we oppose this kleptocracy.
The international concerns over the alleged HR violations do not hold any traction within Sri Lanka, as it got rid of daily terror of the bombing and massacring kind. If we are to topple this regime, it cannot be done by Diaspora or any foreign power but from normal decent citizens from within. We get no help by these bleeding heart Canadians or the writer of this article who is a journalist with no feelings for what it is like for all Sri Lankans who oppose this regime.
There are more Sinhala people who oppose this regime than Tamil and they fight this battle alone. The Tamils manage to get asylum and support from the likes of Canada. We do this with no support, moral, financial, tacit and no asylum!
So think again, your strategies are Wrong. It kills innocents by your very behavior, and it is best to keep out of meddling when you don’t know how it is really like to live in SL opposing a sordid, bankrupt fearless administration that does not care a hoot what anyone thinks as they are firmly in control of all organs of power.
Take race out of this debate and you may begin to think clearly. There are more Sinhala mothers grieving for lost children of unknown fate than Tamil mothers, in Sri Lanka just please think about that for just a minute and help where it is most needed, not just to appease your conscience or that of those who live in relative safety and security elsewhere. 
Never forget that in Sri Lanka any violent opposition is met with massacre of innocents, no matter who does it. It is not race or creed, today it is merely called Ghotabaya, Basil, Mahinda and the list with R attached to the end just goes on adding.
When the day comes when we are victorious don't try and get any credit for it. The Diaspora will be responsible for the most of the casualties, as they are not concerned about the reality today, they are only trying to hide their shame at defending the indefensible brutality of a ruthless terrorist whose brutality and bestiality they have still failed to acknowledge.
Yes the Govt. has not admitted mass murder, but we all know if there was anyone left to rally round, the Diaspora would be the first to provide arms seated in their arm chairs  fighting war games on their computers, leaving it to their poor countrymen to cleanse their guilt! 
If the author gets her way I will have to fight on two fronts, against the Diaspora from outside, and against Mahinda from the inside. See both sides of the story not just one and maybe you may right a book about what it is like to be young, sinhala, educated, undergraduate and about to be massacred, 100,000 times.
The West has destroyed, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan in the guise of regime change,  learn from it before doing the same in Sri Lanka. Let us do it, and you just keep out of it.

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