Saturday, March 16, 2013

You home is not safe in Sri Lanka – the Police refuse to enforce the Law

The latest incident where a mob led by Sinhala Ravaya Buddhist monks, raided a home, on the pretense that they were carrying out unethical conversions is an event that SHOULD have been condemned by the President as soon as it happened.
No one can forcibly enter someone else’s home without an arrest warrant issued on valid grounds by a magistrate. The police did nothing to remove the trespassing criminals. We are not animals! Whatever the merits or not of the goings on in the house, even if it was illegal, should have been handled by the law, not a Mob of crazed monks who are bent on depravity, and worse shaming Buddhism.
How can we in Sri Lanka be proud of our Buddhist heritage, when mad men behave like this in the name of Religion? The latest case I believe directly results from Ghotabaya Rajapakse officiating at the opening of the Seth Sevana teaching establishment of the BBS, which has indirectly frightened the Police from even enforcing the law. After all, the defense secretary has endorsed this criminality.
It is time that people in Sri Lanka realize that unless this lunacy is stopped there will be no one to come to your aid when your home is raided due to a false allegation. You should NOT be smug despite your Buddhist credentials. Don’t forget that in the Prabarkaranesque era, if you do not conform to a set of beliefs no matter what your religion, you were fair game for extinction.
Just as Prabarakaran murdered Tamils who did not agree with him the next step in this maniacal dictatorship is anyone who is felt to hold some credibility amongst people, and opposes the Govt. is likely to be eliminated. Don’t wait for you turn!
It is in this context that the citizens of Sri Lanka must realize that they are not safe under this Dictatorship, as it does not act in any rational sense. There is no sense, no purpose, and no meaning in what they do as far as the Country and its future is concerned. They are merely governing by fear, so that we will be a subjugated country, why wonder! Please realize who the terrorists are. They are in power.
It is only a matter of time when those who support them also begin to fear them, then hate them and then get killed by them. Those closest to the Administration are those who have to fear most. Just read history. All those closest to the administration are the ones who have the power to do most of the damage and the opposition has been compromised, agitators imprisoned, and people generally suppressed. Mad men fear Brutuses more than Brutus.
The last bastion of defense is the current sycophant. Most of the suspicion will be on you who consider yourself safe from ANY harm. A traitor is usually one’s own.

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