Friday, March 8, 2013

When we have Mutts for Ministers – they are frightened to face the truth! in short no balls!

A British MP had the decency to represent a constituent who had been unlawfully killed in Sri Lanka, by the Chairman of the Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha. The accused is out on bail pending the hearing which could be held according to SL justice whenever the judge desires, which is never!

So when the MP came to Sri Lanka with the brother of the deceased to enquire into the state of the case, NOONE in any authority would grant him an audience. So no one wished to even get involved, let alone agree to look into the manner. This smacks of complete indifference on the part of the Sri Lankan government to do anything about even murder, and for all intents and purposes, allow a Rajapakse loyalist killer to go free of any responsibility in the crime.

I just wish the MP goes to the UK and the UK lays down the law as far as either CHOGM or with regards to recalling its High Commissioner. The SL Govt. will then take notice and say they will expedite the case. However that also amounts to a “Hill of Beans” as the Govt has NO intention of solving the case, as a result will be that the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha that represents where the President lives in the District, and a close friend will be deemed to be a murderer

When the President of Sri Lanka is known to consort with murderers what hope is there for ordinary human beings to seek justice. When an MP from a friendly country is treated so shabbily that country MUST decide the relationship they wish to have with Sri Lanka.

The inertia amongst the ruling politicians to work actively to seek justice is frustrating and only those under the scope of the law, in as much as they are the victims, are affected. Only if you are affected do you realize that you have no power to change the system, despite money you may have at your disposal.

It is important that we know what is going on. It is important the reporting of this incident is done in a way people really understand the state of play. If you are murdered or your kith or kin murdered there is simply nothing you can do, as the implicated who are most likely to have political patronage will not get caught, sentenced and incarcerated.

I pity the family of the deceased as they simply cannot see justice being done in this case. It is up to the UK govt. to take stand and prevent ALL UK citizens from coming to SL until the case is satisfactorily resolved. There is a chance then!!

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