Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nations in turmoil – following the removal of dictators

We must be cognizant of the fact that once a powerful dictator is removed, there is a huge vacuum created that has all interested parties jockeying for power. This creates instability, that makes the dictators rule seem peaceful!

This inevitable is where a strong and united opposition can make a huge difference in agreeing to a plan that takes a country into a new era, using the resources available post transition. In Sri Lanka’s case, we must therefore be ready for the downfall of this dictatorship, with a plan to take it to the next level, without being slaves to our own political ambitions, against the national good.

If examples are needed, one need only look at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and soon to be included there, in Syria. Iran may be next and the list will keep growing, as dictatorship seems to be the order of the day in the 21st Century followed by a downfall and disgrace, leading to more of the same.

The west is accused of interfering and making up the rules as they go on. I don’t believe the west has anything to do but watch the proceedings, and look at each country self destructing. The beneficiaries of this destruction are the West, as they get orders for new and better arms, and then powerless countries result, which can then be exploited, due to their weakness.

So it is not a conspiracy of the West but merely a behavioral pattern of self destruction that only benefits the West. So when I see all these moronic ministers in Govt. talk about western conspiracies, I know the West engages in a wry smile saying to themselves, if only Wimal Weerawansa realizes that he is our best friend, and he is doing all our hard work for us, by destroying his country singlehanded, and if that means we get the blame, that is a price we pay to get what we want, but by the accuser himself partaking in the crime that benefits us!!

For the Western powers to control the economies of the world, the other countries only need to self destruct. There is NO need for the west to get involved, and their job is merely to observe the proceedings, to achieve the same result.

The moral of the story is NOT to get too inebriated about western conspiracies, but to just get on with your job as best as you can. This will ensure a livable state with very few material demands. We can then conserve our resources, and look towards creating a society of people who are considerate and aware of their power both to create and destroy. Blame not the West for thy sins of greed. It just ricochets back. 

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  1. I think its a little hard to say that Invasion of Libya and Iraq and resulting end of Gaddafi and Saddam were internal self-destruct.
    No conspiracy there. Just complete invasion, justified by false claims such as WMD in Iraq.