Monday, March 25, 2013

The majority religion in any country is a curse rather than a blessing!

Has anyone considered why it is that fringe or other religions survive, thrive and in fact appeal to the local people? It is a normal process, where the simple weight of the established religion (inertia) gets people thinking about the wrongs rather than the rights, giving the purveyors of other religions a perfect opportunity to convince the doubters that another belief may make more sense.
In the end those who change their beliefs are those least in command of themselves, but find enormous comfort in their adopted religion and become proponents of that religion as its new believers believing in it for the right reasons!
Ignorant are the most prone to indoctrination. The Catholics used this successfully in changing the beliefs of the Inca communities in South America, to such a degree that it is now largest Catholic continent in the world, resulting in a Pope from there.
One just has to look up Christianity in the UK. It is in wholesale decline with more than half the churches sold off, many converted into homes. That is why I found it amusing when a rabble of Buddhists in Sri Lanka, were complaining that a place of worship had been turned into a Christian site! It is just the normal sequence. If they are to prevent it they must work at a revival not preventing others from taking advantage of taking over distressed properties!
People ignorant of history, learn nothing from History. It is history that defines the present and future. If we knew sufficient history we will learn and understand why people behave the way they do. Much of the ignorance of the BBS in SL today, is due to their complete ignorance of history.
A leadership knowledgeable in history will take steps to prevent history repeating itself! Others like BBS are falling head on into a trap created by them, which in the end is going to endanger Buddhism more than what the established order has done to date. Perverting a religion to one’s own personal agenda is bound to ricochet!
I appeal to the majority who have any sense left in them to take stock of their beliefs to strengthen the religion not and not permit it to be prostituted. It is the large apathetic majority of believers who give fodder to these groups, by their apathy and intransigence. You NEVER strengthen your religion by attacking others, you do it by making yours stronger, not by force, but by education, and faith. So let us get back to meditation, consciousness, and effort at being more giving and not grabbing.
If your core belief is strong it is easy to attract others to your belief as they will look at you as an example of the religion you profess. If there is no basis for belief no one is going to convert, and many will leave it. So do not think people get sucked into other beliefs just for money, as some do, it is due to the fault of their own religion NOT catering to the spiritual needs of the supposedly lost soul.
One only has to look at those purists of Buddhism, the true Arahats, who have given up everything to meditate in a kutiya. They are the  single most abused people by the established hierarchy of the Sangha who fear their example will turn people away from assisting in empire building and instead go back to basics of pure Buddhism.
I have written on belief at length lately, and I am tending to become a non believer! Why I cannot find any true believers in any religion. Just the tell and show types with nothing inside their own souls, empty and bankrupt. If there are no true believers, how can religion survive the modern age? Through FEAR thats all.

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