Friday, March 1, 2013

Basil as National Organizer – foretells the death of the old SLFP

Appointing Minister Basil Rajapakse in the presence of HE the President, the day before at Temple Trees unopposed, speaks volumes of the spineless behavior of people who really should care about the SLFP. This post has been vacant for some considerable time, following the death of Anuruddha Ratwatte, the person who previously held this position. Is there no dissent? Or is it that people are so suppressed within the party for fear of reprisals, that they dare not speak up, with expulsion being the result. Is this another indication of being muzzled Sri Lanka style?

A full page ad has been taken in the papers by the elected SLFP band in Gampaha from members of parliament and provincial councilors, pradeshiya sabha members who wish to congratulate him on this appointment.

Why is this necessary and who pays for this ad? I suspect the Government, by which I mean all the people of this country. A point worth noting, and it could have been done by BR himself, as most of those on the list would rather have him eliminated, and would not be dead paying for an ad. If one heard what they say in private and off the record the public uttering seem so fake.

In effect an already powerful person, is given more powers with regards to appointment of favorites into the important positions, and control over their activities, over and above the power he holds by virtue of this Ministerial portfolio.

This solidifies the power of the family cabal further, with subservience of the paid serfs ensured. There is NO simmering internal opposition brewing due to the party being in power. However in the interests of control, when all the constituents of the UPUFA are finally disgorged, there will be a lot of grumbling leading to more voluble dissent by opposing forces to counter this wrap up of the SLFP of all its allies.

The disgruntled SLFP ers will then form another party or set up a coalition with the other parties to oppose the rule and in time this venerable party will fall into a worse situation than the UNP is in now.

It is UNP policy to let this government dig its own grave, and it is believed that this is just another part of this plan, though the SLFP deem this is not the case. However if history repeats itself this will indeed become a fact in time. Is the UNP prepared to take advantage of this situation? It all depends on the internal shenanigans of party and the ability of the MR paid slaves in the UNP performing the dirty trick of cornering their leader.

Worse, as the electors are informed of this appointment, rather than be able to reason out the appointment, they remain silent. Is the silence, acceptance or passive resistance? In time when the truth comes out people will know that this passive resistance and active acceptance was the reason that they were allowed to carry on.

Whose responsibility is it to tell the people what the bottom line is?

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