Friday, January 18, 2013

The Politics of the undisclosed file – to keep the chickens from escaping

It is not a secret that today’s political power is enforced by threat and not by loyalty or genuine altruism for one’s fellow citizens. Gone are the days that people went into politics to give back to a nation that has given them the privilege of living and loving in this paradise isle. On that basis, families were brought up to sacrifice at least one member for the service of the Country, whilst other family members agreed to support the politician with funds required to carry out a campaign and ensure that the basic requirements of the electors were met, as well as of the politician himself. The latter was not greedy, nor was he ostentatious in trappings of wealth and merely lived simply, with his home open to deserving people who really needed help, a roof for the night or comfort in bereavement.

Today’s politician is a completely different person, who has got there by foul means, using largesse from donors with an agenda, with the intention of amassing an even larger fortune. The electors are mesmerized by the trappings of wealth and expect some of that to rub off on them, and therefore are prepared to cast their vote for the seemingly wealthy person in a fleet of luxury jeeps!

In reality this person is in debt to IOU benefactors, a bunch of banks, never paid taxes on ill gotten gains, lives off of protection rackets and possibly moonshine, where to ensure survival gets into politics, so he can obtain some form of credibility and the law, such as the police force will look the other way, in case the OIC of the Police Station is transferred from his lucrative base skimming off the top of every illegal activity.

What happens then is if they get together and elect a Head of State to further their needs, the latter knowing he must hold on to his power with the help of the local politicians, and elected seniors, goes about digging all the dirt on each and every person. They all have skeletons in their cupboards. Someone like the President has access to tax and other data, as well as enough on people through their enemies. These accusations are cleverly documented and filed.

Some of the grievous infringements are then shown to the offender and told that if he or she so decides to defect they will be exposed mercilessly and therefore MUST tow the line. This also happened in reverse where a bunch of opposition stalwarts are shown their files and asked to defect, if they were not going to be exposed! Further they were offered ministerial posts and the carrots were enough to defect and give him the two thirds majority. He keeps them all in line by this threat and until these people are able to put country before self, and NOT hold onto the status quo.

They are so foolish not realizing that this file is not worth paper it is written on as in any case as the Country does not have an independent Judiciary all powers, file or not are with one man, and so murders can be committed at will with no recourse except in hell! or the after life!

It is time for those who are frightened to sheer out the fright, and join the fight for justice, as it is the only soul saving action available to them, where they can die today or  much later with dignity, and not be blackmailed, by a person with lower standards of conduct. There simply is no other way for them who believe in a day of reckoning for one's sins.

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