Thursday, January 10, 2013

Divi Neguma Bill – 150 of the Government Side MPs did not know what they were voting for!!! Only 10 had some clue, including Basil Rajapakse

It is a disgrace in Sri Lanka that we have so many illiterate Parliamentarians who purport to represent the people, and who voted on a piece of landmark legislation, without knowing what it was they were voting for. As 150 of the MP’s had not even received the particulars of the Bill on which they were voting, or if they did had not bothered to read it. They, therefore did not know its contents, a typical practice amongst our legislators, and something our electors, or voters must be aware of, as they place responsibility on them to vote or make legislation on their/our behalf.

Don’t blame the Judiciary when in future due to some clerical error at the Legal Draughtsman’s Office, now directly under the President, (just like the AGs office) makes the new Divi Neguma Law unclear, or at worst be struck down due to it, and the Supreme Court asked to adjudicate on its interpretation. This is what happens when there are idiots in Parliament!!

In a country where a few people, now a family concern make all the decisions knowing full well that its sycophantic majority will not even read what is sent them in Parliament, even a piece of important legislation, makes it easy to govern in any way one likes. The sycophantic members are either too frightened or have been bought up, or who have a file of their indiscretions with the President, that they will do ANYTHING they are asked, without a murmur of complaint.

It is in this supposed democracy, that Parliament reigns ‘Supreme’, and the Learned Judges of the Appeals and Supreme Court with hundreds of years of legal service to the Nation are reduced to being harassed and even threatened in phone calls, that we must live in. It is time that the citizens realize how far they have been fooled by those they have elected, and take action as the ultimate arbiters of the Nation’s future to have them arrested and locked up pending trial, for dereliction of the duty assigned to them.

Who pray will take this just course of action on behalf of the public? There are no REAL Public Interest Litigators in the Country, who have the best interests of the Nation at heart. They have goals and aspirations of a personal nature, and put that ahead of the Country, which then prevents them giving their all to the righteous cause that is espoused, namely of retaking the Governance of Sri Lanka back to the people who live there.  

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