Saturday, January 26, 2013

Justice! – What Justice?

Fellow citizens no one is safe from injustice in Sri Lanka today. Even the most ardent supporters of the President today, may find themselves unable to seek justice tomorrow. So don’t feel secure by the thought that you because of your wealth or connections, you are immune from today’s system of justice. You simply are not safe. Many of those who understand that, have spirited the bulk of their wealth overseas, and those who are not wealthy have taken themselves out of Sri Lanka to live in places they believe still have some recourse to the law.

If you find your property in Colombo 7 worth Rs500M taken over by the state tomorrow there is nothing you can do. The UDA will show a law that says places of historical interest can be taken over and that yesterday your home was declared a place of historical interest and therefore you have to leave. You CANNOT appeal.  If or whether, you may get any compensation is not clear, and most likely you will not. Further you have no idea who will occupy your land. This is just an example of what can happen, but it goes for someone run over by a Govt. minister’s vehicle, or someone beaten up by Govt. goons or worse killed by anyone under direct orders or by someone close to even the first dog!

So this applies to all, be it a Buddhist priest or beggar on the road. Put simply, “NO ONE IS SAFE” You have NO rights anymore in Sri Lanka, and you live today purely because you are lucky NOT to have fallen foul of an imbecile in the regime. So any supporter of the Govt. who reads this will NOT be immune.

It is this injustice that we common powerless citizens of Sri Lanka MUST fight against. Until there is a RULE of LAW where we have recourse to fair treatment, if we are wronged there is NO JUSTICE. Is anyone doubting that this is the state of play in Sri Lanka? Even under autocratic kings of Sri Lanka there was a fairer system of justice than we have at present. Today all that has to happen is that we fall foul of a regimite, and we are as good as gone! That is plain wrong and not what we have cast ballots, fought for independence, or demonstrated against.

We are not people funded by foreign NGOs for their masters, we have not been paid or bribed or given bottles of arrack to demonstrate. We have NOTHING to gain but EVERYTHING to lose by standing up for what is right. At least we know what is right and wrong, whilst our leaders seem to be too inebriated with the power they have been given that they fail to discharge their duties as fit and proper servants of the people, who they are. They have lost all sense of right from wrong. Let us therefore begin with simply explaining this to two others, and ask them to repeat it to two others also.

Let this be a warning that no one is safe, with those feeling most safe the most at risk. If you want examples, Shirani Bandaranayake is the most recent casualty.

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