Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mohan Peiris for CJ – Is he the only one willing to accept the position? Yep he is!

Only in Sri Lanka can a leader disregard any propriety of behavior by appointing a knowingly biased, Presidential Advisor (Legal Affairs) as the replacement for CJ Shirani Bandaranayake. No one, yes NO ONE in their right mind would do such thing. Yet we have a “devil may care” attitude or “You Dare Me to do otherwise” attitude on the part of the President in making such openly contentious appointment whilst sticking two fingers at impartiality in making such a decision.

I do not wish to comment on his tenure as an Attorney General, but once he was appointed a Presidential Advisor, all bets were off, on whether he is or not a good judge, impartial and has all the tact and finesse to gain the respect of the Court and the people at large.

In the end it is the people of the Country that matter. The President of Sri Lanka by his shameful attitude has told the people that he does not care two hoots for them, and that he will do ANYTHING to legitimize his stay even if he has to get people who are forced to possibly against their will, do as he orders, and not by conscience, knowledge and using basic principles of right and wrong that guide civilized society.

It therefore goes without saying that all who endorse this behavior are as guilty as the initiator in these sins of commission and omission against the state of Sri Lanka. It is this latter that we must try and get the population at large to insist on change, who through their current state of ignorance permits such outrageous acts of treachery to be committed in the name of “the Rule of Law”.

If all lawyers cannot down tools, (stop work) until this matter is resolved, then I am afraid they are as guilty of wrong doing and greed as purveyors of instant gratification instead of principle, and therefore do not deserve the respect of the Nation as a whole. It is only they who can bring the administration of Justice to its knees as other mortals do not have the capacity to do so. It is to them that we look for leadership, as in this case there is little that a very impotent opposition, starved of funds and ability to get their message across to the populace, can do.

So all those who read this blog, please ask yourselves, how can a person who has been advising the President of any country in the past three years or thereabouts in turn be appointed a Chief Justice, as by definition, his loyalties and objectivity is called into question, no matter how much standing he has in society. It is simply that Justice is NOT SEEN TO BE DONE and no more no less!

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