Friday, January 11, 2013

Rizana’s execution proves how hollow our politicians’ appeals really are

Rizana was executed despite an appeal from the President. I should really despite an appeal. If the President of Sri Lanka felt that appealing to his counterpart, the head of state of Saudi, to listen to him and take heed, it showed how sadly mistaken he is. Worse when he realizes that the Saudis have got him round their short and curlies with no room for maneuver, he must realize he is just a hostage to fortune.

This is another instance of political showmanship, that has gone disastrously wrong. We are so used to utterances, that we forget that all words out of our now infamous lot of politicians are mere hollow mutterings that have NO truth in fact, and exemplify the fiction and fictitious world they really live in. When we confer power over people who do not know how to exercise such power, eventually the whole power structure keeps crumbling down, as we see today.

People have been in awe of the Presidential Secretariat spending over Rs10B per annum in keeping their ship on track with the PR machine in top gear form foreign educated million rupee a month executives with eves dropping equipment and communications system that would be the envy of any campaign, including the now famous but considered disgusting habit of sending sms messages from the President to all subscribers wishing them for new year etc. Do they realize what a heartless act that is? No because they have polled the people and the results say that it is great for the masses that he remembered them!!

Hey you suckers of the mobile phone companies how low can you get for allowing the President to use your services FREE. Wouldn’t you dare to charge him the rate you would charge any other? That answers my question and shows what little backbone you have for your position, and the fear you have for the Autocrat.

This whole well planned house of cards is coming falling down, as it is hollow. There is NO backbone to your work. No structure no planning, no worth and value in anything you have done. You have not even been able to build a highway to nowhere with the correct widths for the road that are international standards. That says it all. No amount of PR is going to detract from what is true. Media tom foolery and PR do not get things constructed. Only real foundations that are solid will last forever. Nothing in this administration will be remembered in a few years despite all the planning and waste of money. It is the fact of the conceited premise in which it all has been constructed that has to give way and crumble into mush.
It is a sorry sight to see and sorry country to live in but an even sorrier people.

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