Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Matale Mass Graves! – Why is the unholy MESS taking time to unravel

As usual with everything, our sordid past is coming home to haunt us. Just when we thought we could hide from the 1989 era of youth disappearances where over 50,000 youth, overwhelmingly Sinhala were murdered in cold blood by the Army, for the likelihood of them having SOME affiliation with the JVP, the evidence of what happened is slowly surfacing by a chance discovery!

As with the times, and with the policies then, the evidence was hidden. None of the thousands of STILL GRIEVING mothers KNOW what happened to their kids, the possibilities of what may have happened are now laid bare.

Why is the Govt. pussyfooting on this very important matter? It is time we knew from today’s dating techniques of when it occurred and then go the next step to dig out the truth of what happened. This was during the Premadasa Presidency, and the Govt. if they were intent on undoing the UNP would have been very happy to speed up the investigation and lay blame.

Is it because this was another chapter in the sordid past of the Sri Lanka defense forces that we are frightened of to sully them, or an even more sinister reason?

If the reader wishes to find any clues, just go and search and you shall find. The information is on the Net. The Commanding officer of the Camp that was situated at that spot. He is a BEEEG fish today. Why is he worried? 

One must understand that anyone who acquires US citizenship who makes false claims about his past, can have his citizenship revoked. This has happened to Nazi war criminals who have been repatriated to face trial even at ages over 90. In this case the criminal is still at large and has returned to the Country of his birth. Why should he be so worried! 

Just think about it, how many people still living today in Sri Lanka and other countries to which they have migrated, have killed in cold blood and are still free!!!!

The slight technical problem is the proof after all these years, which only a few people know, including of course the perpetrator himself. It is about following military orders, or acting on one’s own sadistic tendencies. Unfortunately one cannot prevent the truth emerging one day, to blow the cover over a person’s alleged character, and when that happens that person will be nothing more than a despicable common criminal who has killed his own kind, after pretending in the US to be the person of unquestioned Sri Lankan patriotism! It is so easy for towers built of matchsticks to crash to nothing! It is important that people realize that pretence is the worst form of egotistical behavior. Let us hope that for the sake of the Sri Lanka Youth who perished then, that the truth will not be long in surfacing despite the hellish efforts to keep it under wraps by the Govt.

I have said it before and will repeat that the word Patriot in Sri Lanka is very closely becoming associated with the word Traitor.

We live in a Country with too many unanswered questions that people dare not ask for fear of their lives, but we owe it to our future to accept the Mea Culpa to the past, so that we WILL NOT repeat the past. Otherwise we will never be able to let go, making and repeating the same mistake time and again, and the people who are afraid of coming clean, doing so to save their skin, but who have and will hold a nation to ransom until we are able to come to terms with the truth.

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