Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Absurdity of it all – The enablers have been the most educated!

We have since the Tsunami handed a country on a platter to a myth called Rajapakse, courtesy of many intellectuals, who in the Judiciary, Academia, Media and Clergy have misled the poor, the frightened, the docile and the impressionable populace into a frighteningly stark sink hole from which there is  apparently NO return.

Much water has flowed into the sink hole since that fateful day, beginning with the now factual helping myself instead of Hambantota folly, legally helped or at least given the seal of approval by the then Chief Justice Sarath Silva.

The initial one man’s victory parade has now become a family concern with an unparalleled coterie with the same last name, both accounting for most of the spoils and having the dubious distinction of sharing them too.

There is no point in rehashing what has taken place since, namely that the bit players who helped in the process, from the Mangala Samaraweera’s, Sreepathi Sooriyarachchi’s, Sarath Fonsekas, Shirani Bandaranayakes, a coterie of Supreme Court judges who rubber stamped the 18th and then some, and a parliament of 100+ Ministers and a few MP’s (except for a few notable underworld thugs) have now been spat out like bitter pills that are hard to swallow. Some have yet to realize their fate.

If you ask anyone of them now, they will agree they never realized what a Frankenstien’s monster they have created, and if they realized it then, they would have made different choices. Too late chum, you were the people entrusted by the lesser mortals with the fate of the Country, and you blew it. You got sucked in hook line and sinker in this craftily calculated deception, of selling the country off to China for a few billion in hard currency. The very people who daily pontificate about international NGO conspiracies and foreign interference in our internal affairs, by the likes of CHOGMs, Banki Moons, Navin Pillays and the UN mob have sold our souls to the ultimate foreign interferer who could counter India the only power the rulers are really fearful of. By the way if India decides to interfere not even the Chinese will come to our aid, but the Billions are all socked away in foreign parts, safe from prying eyes.

The Chinese being craftier than the inward looking cabal, have done a deal with the Indians to share the spoils without a fight, as neither is keen on a prosperous Sri Lanka, something which in hindsight we could already have been but for the Ruling Rajapakse family who have eaten that chance. I repeat, it is the very people who should know better who have sold their birthright to traitors and foreigners. 

I will therefore not blame this country's plight on its masses, who have sustained a qausi democratic veneer, due to the very foolish, shortsighted, egotistical behavior of the above mentioned, intellectuals, intelligentsia, and people of stature, to whom the electorate look for guidance, and who have failed them with disastrous consequences.

I know we will overcome this setback, once we able to with difficulty explain to the people that they have been conned and why, before the so called patriot's treachery is laid bare, and the true patriots, the hard working long suffering people of the Country take it back. It is not a cake walk, but it is inevitable! So don't despair Mother Lanka.

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