Wednesday, January 9, 2013

“Kiyanakota ohomai, Karanakota mehemai!” Mama boru karayek karanna epa

When the President says at a function yesterday, that the Supreme Court has no right to pronounce against the Legislature, he is again talking cock! Why isn’t he telling the audience the truth? He must explain that the Supreme Court merely interpreted the law, and taking their interpretation of the Constitution, that the standing orders are NOT law and merely procedures adopted, and in the case of hearing the case against the CJ, acted in a manner that the PSC was not set up properly to hear an impeachment case against the CJ. They left the supremacy of the Legislature intact, and permitted them to enact a law as it relates to the removal or dismissal of an Appeals or Supreme Court Judge. Once done, and its procedures are approved by the SC, the Legislature can go ahead and impeach in accordance with the Law.

The Legislature and Judiciary are therefore Independent of each other, and not one above the other, and clearly the Legislature, as it has overriding power to make law is the final voice in what is done. The judiciary only ensures that the proposed laws are in keeping with the Spirit of the Constitution, which the current PSC and its procedures clearly were not.

When the Legislature acts in contravention of the Spirit of the Constitution, it is the duty of the Supreme Court to take note and if necessary quash any unconstitutional act. Otherwise why is there a Court of Law? It is to prevent legalized murder surely!

It is therefore very important that we clear misconceptions, and people even Presidents do not mislead the populace by statements such as “the people are not for their representatives, but that the representatives are for the people.” That statement alone is worthy of a snigger, as right from the top, the people are treated as second class representatives, with the elected representatives not as servants but as masters requiring servility who can do NO WRONG in the eyes of the law, and who literally get away with murder.

It is time we let the cat out of the bag, and people realize what is said and what is done are different and unrelated. When we believe what is said by an elected representative, it is the believer who is lied to, as the legislator has no reason to live by his word, and makes the statement, so that it sounds perfect and believed by the masses as being true. When the day dawns that people begin to tell the truth, believe in what they do and say, and are able to carry out promises to the letter, is when we become unshackled.

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