Saturday, January 26, 2013

Three US bureaucrats have just come to do their job – we are all at sea!!!

Three minor officials in the state and defense department of the US are in Sri Lanka to check the progress of our implementation of the LLRC recommendations before the next UNHRC meeting, so that they can report to their Govt. which will through their Ambassador in the UN deliver their judgment in sessions beginning at the end of February. The officials are equivalent to department heads in Sri Lanka of which there are hundreds, and our media have gone to town to call them top level officials who will meet with our leaders. How comic!

If any reader wishes to verify how lowly these three officials are, just go to the websites of the US State Department and you can get their background, experience, schooling etc. Its all there, no surprises. Further you can realize how low they are in the pecking order of the State Department (foreign office in the US)

Yes, we MUST understand that according to their standards, our senior ministers who they will meet are just tin pots in a Banana Republic, and thus deserve only to be met by a low level (not high level) delegation from the US. The irony is completely lost on our officialdom, that even Bob Blake the Undersecretary of State for South Asian Affairs, whose territory SL falls into, even does not wish to waste his time meeting with our leaders!!

It is sad that our big-uns think so highly of themselves, when in the matters of world geopolitics, our leaders and their minions are nobodies, just cuckolds who need to be played with from time to time, so that the officials from the US can pad up their experience and resumes, that is about the whole point of the exercise.

Further in the classified documents the US Embassy in Colombo have been sending Washington DC, they have clearly stated, “there is no point in sending higher level US officials, as they will not be understood by this Govt. and they would be either deaf to the real concerns the US has or would more than likely contradict all points referred to them for action, as none of their business”.

So THIS IS THE RESULT OF THE CLASSIFIED MEMOS TO THE US DEPT OF STATE. Our slavish newspapers will give them coverage, something they will probably never have in any other country they visit due to the very low level nature of their work, but who can blame them for lapping VVIP status in Sri Lanka?

The SL Ambassador to the US just happens to be in Colombo, for the funeral of his mother, so he will stay on to play a part in the negotiations, but no amount of work on his part will be able to deter the officials from reporting back to head office, that SL’s answer to the promises amount to a “hill of beans”. There you are ambassador Wickremasuriya, you can promise your President everything but in the end you cannot achieve anything. There are rules and procedures that are followed by the US state department and there is nothing anyone can do about breaking them!!

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