Friday, January 25, 2013

Ironies galore and this time on the day that the Bharatha Lakshman statue was unveiled

Yesterday, 23rd January a statue of Bharatha Lakshman was unveiled in Kolonnawa, his political power base, by the Speaker Chamal Rajapakse. On the same date it was announced in the newspapers that his driver who has directly implicated Duminda Silva and his goons of firing at him in the incident where he was shot to death and Duminda Silva was injured, had recanted his statement, saying it was made under duress.

What does that seemingly innocuous statement mean? It is important to know that in SL, often after a murder or such event when all the evidence appears fool proof, a while after the event through some fixing of the evidence or the witness the facts are changed and the guilty are freed. So as in this case, if the driver’s evidence is now worthless as it was made under duress, Duminda potentially could be cleared of all blame in the incident in which he was clearly, along with his goons, guilty as hell in the shooting incident. His cronies are behind bars in remand.

This is the kind of country we live in. So if you are Bharatha Lakshman’s wife or daughter how would you feel when the Govt. plays a double game, whilst on one side seemingly supporting the memory of your loved one and in the same breadth allowing his murderer to go scott free by fixing the evidence?

If I was the kith and kin of Bharatha Laxman, I would have the courage to lay bare this chicanery and explain to people in simple English or in this case Sinhala what state the nation has stooped to change fact into fiction and pave the way of the regime’s favorites to get off scott free. They unfortunately have been compromised

I remind people that this will be the same ruse to release the murderer of the British National over a year ago, namely the Chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha in the President’s area and a supposed close confidant of his. These are but examples where justice is not done and with the Judiciary nobbled to an even more alarming degree, there is no relief in a court of law for those wronged by this regime or its goons.

In a situation where the goons rule, all the people live in fear of challenging the rule of the goons. It is these people who must realize that in order to prevent their rights being completely trampled over, that only by force of numbers can they assert their rights, as the Regime have the arms, and the forces. If confronted by all the people in the land, they are unlikely to take the Rulers side in favor of the people’s rights. Therefore, People of Sri Lanka stand up and face the challenge.

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