Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why have we got so used to other people telling us what to do?

Now it is the Pope telling MR to get on with reconciliation and solve our national problems. Have you ever wondered why we seem to take these daily edicts lying down? Is it because we just do not know how to behave with our fellow men in the country? We cannot get on with them so others offer unsolicited advice as to how it should be done from facts presented to them, which may bear no resemblance as to the truth.

One day it is some Tamil Nadu politician talking about separate states and the next it is the US Ambassador designate at her senate confirmation hearing talking about Human Rights, something she may know very little about until she arrives here to ascertain for herself.

Why does Sri Lanka allow these foreign states to express their opinions? Well I should really say why do we report these opinions, as it is best to ignore them altogether? Then this question does not arise. We do not interfere with the internal affairs of the US. There is little we can do to influence their use of Drones against Afghan civilians, on the grounds that included in 15 innocents is a guilty person who should be taken out and the innocents should also pay with their lives for being around!!

It is a problem that keeps bothering me. I have only concluded that as SL is a small and relatively insignificant country, we have had to put up with shit from the big boys as we are perceived to be in need of reform, whilst the party giving the advice is cleaner than snow white! We should therefore consider ignoring these diatribes and pretend we did not even hear them, so they will shout less.

I know re: internal affairs, opposition parties MUST have the right to raise issues without fear. It is this word without fear that seems to touch a nerve. The opposition including when MR was in the opposition was running off to the UN to complain about HR abuses as we did NOT have an independent body to complain to, that would fairly adjudicate in the matter and pass a judgment that is binding and enforced on the miscreant.

The moral is to have checks and balances which prevent the need to go overseas to have rights restored. I will therefore appeal to the President to establish and enforce the safeguards in the Constitution to guarantee all the freedoms, so we do not have these ‘powers’ breathing down on us. 

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