Monday, June 18, 2012

The ball is clearly in the Rajapakse court to explain the Hambantota killings – in a country where not one of a number of extrajudicial killings has been properly investigated and solved!!

The Government of Sri Lanka as usual is denying anything untoward in the unprovoked attack and killings with T56 assault rifles of two innocent people attending a political meeting of the JVP in a small house in Hambantota, a couple of days ago.

The police spokesman is playing down the incident and the Director General of the Media Center for National Security an unabashed and shameless official whose whole job is to provide misinformation is calling it an internal JVP dispute, without as much as an attempt at investigation. Whilst that is the typical reaction of the Government to such acts, from the time the MCNS was set up to act as a disinformation unit in war, the fact it has not been disbanded subsequent to the war is a testament to the state of war the government finds itself in!!

We must therefore understand not to take heed to the utterances of this unit and instead pressure the police spokesman to investigate this murder more fully and bring the culprits to book. It is very important for the credibility of the Government if nothing else to solve this crime once and for all without delay.

Firstly the action occurred in the Rajapakse turf. This is the first family’s pocket borough for want of a better word, and nothing happens here either without their blessing or without their knowledge. It is therefore imperative that this is solved, as otherwise the blood will be on the collective ‘Rajapakse’ for life, a generational splash that will forever stick. It is therefore in their best interests to take the MCNS hallucination for what it is, ignore his attempt at defending the regime, and put all resources at their disposal to solve it.

Only then will we know who is correct. Whilst there has been a JVP press conference to refute any allegations of it being an internal killing, and instead blame it on Government goons, some of whom have apparently been identified at the time of the shooting, we must know the truth and that is the least the Government MUST do to get at that. If you want to start acting responsibly as none of the previous extra judicial killings have yet been solved, start now if you have any hope of survival.

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