Friday, June 15, 2012

SF – We are waiting for a novel solution to take the country forward

Sarath Fonseka states, where ever he goes, that he wishes to save the country from the Rajapakse regime, and that he wants Law and Order restored.  Don’t we all. We want something more from SF. Something new, something concrete and something explosive without the chemicals!

The much hyped press conference today, where for the first time he gave a publicized media briefing, came out with not ONE new idea or thought that will contribute to the political debate in Sri Lanka. That was a huge disappointment. It is standard practice if you call a press conference that you come up with something new. I know there were rumors, which even I was aware of about him possibly joining the Government. However for the press conference to merely refute these rumors was a waste of time. It must be called up for more important stuff. Any rumor can be refuted in a statement if necessary. To use a televised meeting with the National Media to say you will topple the government is crass and fanciful at best and downright dishonest at worst, when he has no following, party or any sort of idea how the people who rule the country manage the system.

I must qualify by noting that I was not at the Press Conference and am merely reporting soon after it from the information I have been able to glean so far from reports, I have read. I will issue an apology to him, if the substance of other reports published in tomorrow’s news turns out to be any different to what I have reported.

He can deliver, but he has not. His direction is wrong, and he is actually drowning, not knowing who his true friends are. All his advisers merely look at their own benefit, using SF to spread their popularity. In this tragic state are Ranga Bandara MP, Palith Thewerapperuma MP, and even Sajith Premadasa MP, all lost in the wilderness without traction and believing that SF can give leadership.

The reality of the Sri Lankan political landscape, is that there is NO place for prima donnas. It is engrained in our psyche that it is the party that has solutions to our problems and so without a strong party backing, one individual cannot change the status quo. That is why Sajith Premadasa, despite his hugely expensive campaign of Sasunata Aruna, has not received any real national benefit despite the national publicity. It is important to realize that lasting political activity has to be done under the patronage of an established political party.

The publicity SF has received in the past week is from the rounds he is doing to most of the known temples, like Mihintale, and Tantirimale in the last few days, and a whole host just before that, from which a voice cut is reported in the press.

If this is the beginning of a campaign to test the waters and get the blessings of the Maha Sangha, then we know little about it and know even less, why this method of obtaining media coverage is preferred.

I am of the opinion that SF is flaying, with no true friends he can rely on. He does not trust Tiran, but is beholden to him and holds on to his paymaster whose newspaper gives him the positive publicity at present. The failure of the press conference cannot then be blamed on Tiran, but on what was said and not said by General Sarath Fonseka.

To expect the public to trust in one with no goals other than an opposition to the Govt, is asking too much. They are likely to be disappointed and lose faith in their leaders. It is IMPORTANT to find a standard bearer for your interests and ideals. Otherwise your reliance on the political process to solve your concerns is unwarranted. It is important to identify and eliminate leaders who prey on people’s weaknesses to their advantage.

It is important that if we follow this simple principle ourselves we will not be enslaved by opportunists who seize the moment, but will work with visionaries who may have many political weaknesses, but who can compensate for that shortcoming, by honesty and integrity along with principles that are deep and unshakable. Their long-term outlook for the nation over powers the short term political gains that mischievous short term politicians indulge in. With this vision, it is difficult to shake their belief in the inevitable, rather than the short term control under the current regime.

I appeal to those who look to join leaders to delve deeper into a person’s history before making a balanced judgment as to their integrity and credibility, without necessarily following them blindly or believing a few media reports, which depending on the source can be misleading or biased. We must return to rational politics to believe in their vision!

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