Monday, June 25, 2012

Ask yourself what does SF really bring to the table?

Since Sarath Fonseka came out, he has not stopped making comments that don’t pertain to him.A politician should work out what it is he stands for; his principles his vision and his methodology to achieve those goals.

He has continued to chant the broken record of sound bites he did from jail. We all had a lot of hope that he would be inclusive, encompassing and engaging. Instead he has been divisive, blatantly self centered and totally on his own. His followers are under the dream that people must join him. Ask why? He does not have a plan, he does not have any network and above all he really does not have much support.

Go back to the previous Presidential Election. SF peaked about a month before the elections. That premature peaking did not help his cause. He acted dictatorial from that point. The way he treated the Leader of the Opposition was high handed and demeaning. It showed no respect for the position. He has a proven record of shooting from the hip. You may be able to do that as a soldier but not as a politician. There are too many other dynamics to take into consideration.
Don’t get me wrong he still rides the sympathy wave, and may it last as long as he wishes, but that does not help the country out of a crisis. Today in Matara, he calls for the opposition to unite. What on earth does he mean? He says there is a leadership crisis. No it is not a crisis, just a blown up media tamasha to protect a troublesome pretender by implying that he is anything but! The opposition is there, they are hard at work, join them and give them your support and follow their path.

SF does not have a platform and a road map. He is only against, he is not for. One has to have a distinct vision for the future, for the country and for oneself. None of which have been clearly illuminated. In short he is not a politician, nor do I think he would want to be one. His personality does not lend himself to it, if his latest uttering is anything to stand by.

It is important the public judge him for himself. Not for what they think he may be. You can follow someone because he is against something, but that is temporary as in the end, you will ask what is he for? 

Give the man his due. He is trying hard to find traction, but with every new word, the frustration and futility is apparent. I advised in an earlier blog for him to have taken some time off once he was released. You need some private time to contemplate and plan your campaign. A soldier, who can plan a means of winning a war, cannot plan on winning a peace. It is a different path, which he shows no sign of mastering. I advise him to gracefully retire into the public speaking circuit to help those who know what it takes to topple this regime, not try to do it yourself.

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