Saturday, June 9, 2012

I wish the General would stop making patronizing statements of preserving democracy and the rule of law and order

The General’s comments about sacrificing his life to preserving democracy and law and order and justice have a hollow ring to it. This is in order only for him to gain the moral high ground in the media space.

Yes he was shoddily treated and made to suffer by a spiteful government on trumped up charges, and suffered many indignities including removal of his existence from records, monuments, pension and all his medals.

That does not give the right to one with a poor record of conduct, moral or otherwise whose success was in putting his skills to the one task he was asked to perform towards the final years of the hostilities to end it, which he successfully concluded, namely that of annihilating the existing military capability of the LTTE, along with the necessary support of the Navy and Air Force.

It would be better for his rehabilitation to admit to failures in his personal conduct, and come clean in what exactly he stands for and what he intends to do. When they are admitted it is easy to start from a different reference point, as otherwise the baggage follows no matter how one tries to gloss over it and makes it difficult to create a lasting sense of trust. 

The circumstances of his requesting the UNP not to present a bill to restore all the rights denied him, smacks of sour grapes, when the UNP was attempting to have all those conditions placed on him removed, and further to have his medals and pension rights restored.

The man MUST have another agenda, if he does not want his rights restored. He finds it more politically expedient to say he has been denied rather than bask in the glory of being restored!! I believe this latest event has proved beyond reasonable doubt to me that he seeks sympathy and through it he wants to gain political mileage, a typical practice of one who is opportunistic and not one with honest intentions.

I wish to be proved wrong, but all actions which speak louder than words are to the contrary. Therefore, I do not believe an insincere individual can stay the course in Sri Lanka politics and will sadly fade away into oblivion, purely due to his own actions and not that of others. He had such a glorious opportunity and goodwill that came with his circumstance and he has fritted it away due to his own sense of self worth.

Those poor souls who followed him to this precipice must feel they have been let down, or at least not yet because some have not sighted the precipice as they are only along the road up the hill and cannot see it!

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