Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Fonny Factor – It is just that and nothing more

The funny thing is that the fonny factor is nothing but a flash in the pan. We had a while to digest his commutation of his sentence and he has not done ANYTHING for us to believe he is a different person from the individual who was incarcerated unjustly as an act of revenge by the ruling clique, for shouting his mouth, and he continues to do just that.

As a result all he can do from now on is either to join with the only party in which he can contribute something, goodwill or a few extra votes, that is the UNP or just be in the wilderness, fighting for social justice, which if his past history in anything to go by is just for political advancement.

There is only one serious option. That is simply to convince the electorate that they have been fooled once too many by this government into believing that they are the only game in town, and that this bunch of thugs is running the country to the ground. The viable opposition is none other than the UNP, and that they must be given a chance to correct the mess. It will be painful just as it was in 2001 when a high inflation bankrupt overspent economy was inherited, but it is only them who can bring some commonsense into a system that has borrowed trillions and spent billions and wasted the balance on friends and family programs.

We owe it to future generations, not to waste time on a few like General Fonseka, who after all is only one and a standard bearer for injustice heaped upon him. He was able to use that to maximum political mileage which in the end came to naught. That is a lesson itself that no one is bigger than the institution of an established party that believes in freedom for all and not some, and will suffer and fight for that freedom as a policy of the party, even though the electorate has been misled about that fight by the current administration for political expediency and advantage.

The electorate must be warned about fear factors. It is this and not a consistent vision that has so successfully enslaved a nation, which should stand shoulder to shoulder with all dignified countries instead of trying like barking dogs to fight allegations against a few. We must damn this administration for besmirching the name of the country so that their personal faults can be hidden, in the field of the violations committed on their direction, which they have directed against the nation as a whole.

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