Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr JJ don’t make an ass of yourself appealing to Benedict XVI

Sadly when Dr JJ a senior member in the UNP opposition behaves in this puerile way, when appealing to the Pope to intervene in the case of Bishop of Mannar Reyappu Joseph’s issue, it brings the opposition a bad name. The Bishop has incurred the wrath of many in Sri Lanka, by his outspoken stance on behalf of his community, and his request that much of the injustice done to them be investigated and steps be taken to return lands to their rightful owners being some of the statements. His utterances have resorted to threats on his life. God forbid, if he were to be killed and there are many gunning for him, it will be another stain on the administration leading to just another unsolved murder!!

Suffice to say that our President abused his position by meeting with the Pope as if it would in some way atone for the sins of his administration. The opposition should not indulge in the same antics for publicity. The President’s visit to Rome was an utter failure, as the Pope also called for unity within the country a subject he knows nothing about and which Rajapakse forced his hand in, and the Country was humiliated for.

This issue is one for the Catholic Church within Sri Lanka to make a stance first before going off to Rome!! The Church itself is divided, trying to play politics. They must make a statement as Catholics in Sri Lanka and as patriots for the sake of unity. Not as Tamil Catholics who want one thing and Sinhala Catholics another.

It is time for the Cardinal to stop pussyfooting around sucking up to the administration and call for justice all round. He wants to appease the first family as the first lady is a Catholic, albeit one who drives up to St Anthony’s in Kochchikade Feast Day, the other day in sweatpants after her exercise inappropriately dressed, a shame on her position, and indignity to her religion!

There is no point going on to Rome to appeal to an aging German Pontiff, when the home front stand on the issue is not clear. My advice to Dr JJ is first to ask the Cardinal, Malcolm Ranjith to call a Catholic Bishops Conference in the Island and address this issue if it is one the Bishop of Mannar wishes to raise. If they are able to come out with a consensus statement, issue it to the Press or direct it to the President. That is the way to go. No ifs buts and possibly please!!!!

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