Friday, June 1, 2012

The mixed signals of Expected Electoral Mayhem – Impending Provincial Council Elections

As usual the Government indulges in a game of speculation as to when the next stage of Provincial Council Elections are due. The rational observer will state that for a thriving democracy and a level playing field to operate, all the PC elections MUST be held at once, and not on a staggered basis. The latter will give the ruling party in the Central Government a distinct advantage as they will put all their resources to win it. In this instance they will use illegal resources to win too.

It is a clear break of election laws to use State Vehicles to campaign on and use the state apparatus as if it is one’s personal funds so to do. However it is violated with impunity by the state with not a hum from the Elections Commissioner who dare not declare the elections null and void, which is what he should do. Let us hope for a surprise in this regard.

On the assumption that there is no computer gilmart as the latter expression has become part of our common vocabulary in both languages, one would require an overwhelming change of sentiment to topple the existing monolithic state control. It is not impossible, but it requires incredible politically astute voting by the electorate to send a message to the leaders that they as paid servants are not doing what their paymasters the voters have elected them to do.

I can only hope that finally the people realize that the war benefit has been squandered as they have not been able to bring any benefits to the people. The increase in the quality of life is purely due to the personal efforts of the citizenry and the funds many send back home, and the government is riding on the back of this largesse taking credit that is not at all theirs to take.

It is important therefore that we must realize that the decks are stacked against the opposition, and the voter also realizes that so that they can vote overwhelmingly to change the status quo as only then will the ones in power realize that they are only fleeting occupants of trust, and once that trust has been compromised they dare not assume they can hang on to patronage. For democracy to thrive in the present context the voters have to be extra savvy and rational. It is important not to be taken in by the smoke and mirrors and see everything for what it is and make a decision on who they wish to have as their leaders based on that premise.

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