Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The ‘Darn lie’ refusing to take responsibility for the financial mess

The Headline of the Sunday Observer of 3rd of June was ‘Govt. decries the UNP, JVP attempts to destabilize economy.’ – also titled ‘disseminating misleading and false information’. This was with specific regard to destabilizing the economy as the aforesaid parties are engaged in explaining to the world that highly dubious financial transactions courtesy of senior Govt. personnel continue to take place raising serious doubt of good governance in such activity.

Now it is important to explain that when wrongs are pointed out, the Govt. must not use them to blame ‘the result of the wrong’ on the opposition parties as it then abrogates responsibility for its actions and instead directs it upon those who have pointed out the wrong.

This kind of misinformation which this govt. is famous for is what is a troubling phenomenon, as acceptance of blame, where the responsible party is not willing to accept is an indication of the abrogation of basic responsibilities of the state.

Trying to compare this with the international community’s attempts at curtailing the humanitarian operation during the hostilities is to say the least very disturbing. You cannot heap blame on the opposition or the international community for wrongs done under your watch. It is just an act of a desperate state unable to face facts. The fundamentals of the economy are bad, and getting worse, and these indicators were very clear a while ago, and the state has yet to take cognizance of this fact.

The wholesale plunder of the EPF by the senior officials and babes of the ruling family, just because the ruler does not understand economics should not be blamed on the opposition. The gross misuse of public funds as if it is private property is a gross violation of the fiduciary duty of the rulers for the funds entrusted upon them for safe keeping and sustainability. It is time we rise up and say enough is enough.

It is now time to prosecute these people who have committed these crimes, and while holding those responsible for them to pay a price, we must at the same breath set up the controls in the constitution to prevent future occurrences by the establishment of the independent commissions to oversea these transactions and so prevent them occurring in future.

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